Mondays Off – A Sonnet by Martie

Mondays Off…A Sonnet by Martie


Sunday was awesome!  Went swimming, made cake!

Hot water went dry, no shower to take….

Bird-bath my body, to bed with wet hair,

Sleep like a newborn, up and down all night with cares.

My pillow was damp when I lifted my head,

Stretch, check the clock…5 a.m., it said!

Set up the new i-Phone before the data runs out!

Print some labels, write the blog, no clue what about!

“Fix my hair?”  “Where’s my backpack?” “Did you set up my phone?”

Now they’re gone, fold some clothes, 15 minutes alone!

Start some wash, do the dishes, make up the beds

Make order of the long-running list in my head.

Let the contractor in, get geared up for the noise.

Pick up 22 hair-ties, why didn’t we have boys?

Drive 20 miles to purchase hair supplies,

Fill up with gas so I can continue to drive!

Zip through the grocery, pay a few bills,

Feel the pain in my neck, pop a few pills (just ibuprofen, calm down)

Revealing a secret...

Time to sew, first must cut, where are my scissors?

On the floor in the girls’ room…no time to be bitter!

Make a meal, feed the family, settle down for TV,

Maybe now I can have a few minutes for me!

Wait…it’s bedtime?  Please hush your mouth!

I’m still the sweatiest Mom in the Deep South!

Scratch the ‘me’ time, I’m showering! Please let me in,

So I don’t have to go to bed dirty again!

To bed with wet hair, bet I won’t sleep a wink!

Why is bedtime such a good time to think?

Wake up tomorrow, get my butt to the salon,photo 5 (8)

The weekend is over, suck it up and move on!


Happy Monday!

X,O,X,O,    Martie