Monday Catch-You-Up: Big Creek & Handmade

I already showed you how amazing Coach was during his Spring Break, and how he transformed our shop buildings right before my eyes. IMG_6309 (1) Well folks, that’s not all.  He is unstoppable once he gets on a roll, and I may be showing off for weeks to come from that one week that Coach was off!

I’m sure I mentioned in a previous post that ‘Bully’, my step-great-grandfather and the man who built this house, was a stone mason and a bridge builder.  There is a lot of beautiful rock work around this old place, some of which was done by Papa, some of which was done by Mr. Bully, himself.  I know I’ve shared the fireplace before, because it’s one of my favorite things about this old house.  What I haven’t shared is what holds the roof up over our front porch:FullSizeRender (90)

FullSizeRender (89)

FullSizeRender (91)

FullSizeRender (92)

Those are raw cedar posts, sitting atop…you guessed it…115-year-old bridge abutments.  These cedar columns and concrete bases are some of the most important features of this house, along with the way the rafters peek out from underneath the roof ledge.

Ok, yeah, maybe it is...

It is just a summer cabin at the creek, you know, and that’s how cute little bungalow cabins are supposed to look…rustic and relaxed.

Coach loves those front porch doo-dads as much as I do, and we both agreed that the front view of the house doesn’t need to change too much, because we want it to look like it always has.  We’ve agreed not to put any vinyl trim around the eaves on the front, and we also agreed that these columns and abutments needed to match the rest of the house, finally.  You know that means it’s cliff-hanger time…I’ll show you the amazing results next week!  Coach has worked way too hard around here lately, and I do love showing it off, but you must be patient. 🙂

Didn’t I marry well?  I had great cause to celebrate that fact this past weekend, as Friday was Coach’s and my 16th wedding anniversary.  We’ve both been working so hard lately that we decided we really needed a short getaway.  Jimmie, my angel sister, came and stayed with the girls, and Coach and I took off to our favorite little state park (same place we ran away to last year, which you may remember).  We only stayed two nights, and had to jet back in time for church yesterday, but it was a very relaxing time for the two of us.  I took a couple of really good photos, which I never have trouble doing when we visit this awesome place.

FullSizeRender (95)

Sunrise on the lake.


Pretty little duck riding the current.

Pretty little duck riding the current.

And, before we wrap this up, I wanted to share that I got all of my awesome cutting capes listed in my Etsy shop, AHairInMyBiscuit,

Coach makes a great model!

Coach makes a great model!

And you finally get to meet Vroom-Vroom!

And you finally get to meet Vroom-Vroom!

and then went to work on another new item for the shop.  These bracelets are perfect for hairstylists, or even seamstresses, for keeping small metal objects like bobby pins or straight pins at your fingertips.bobpincuff  I sewed a small rectangular magnet right inside this cute fabric cuff bracelet, and it becomes a wearable bobby pin holder! smallbobpincuff I’ve used a similar item for years, but mine isn’t nearly this comfy!  It’s so great to have when styling up-do’s for wedding hair or prom!  I got these great little guys listed in the shop last week, as well!  I’m really enjoying making salon supplies, and I have a lot more ideas up my sleeve.

That was a great mish-mash of stuff, but I hope it was entertaining for your Monday.  Today I’ll be working in the sewing room, making new magnet bracelets and finishing out some Feel Better Bags.  I’m selling the Feel Better Bags pretty steadily these days, so I don’t want my stock to get low!

For any newbies who want to play catch-up, here are some previous posts that tell the back-stories of what I’ve shared today.  I hope you have fun reading, and come back often to see what’s new!

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See you on Wednesday!

X,O,X,O,  Martie