Modern Salon Interview

Modern Salon Interview

Guys, I can’t tell you how excited I am!  I had the pleasure recently of interviewing with Modern Salon’s Rosanne Ullman (she’s a project editor for Modern Salon Media), and I am now featured in one of her articles!  She stumbled upon my blog post Hairdresser Health: It’s Important, and requested an interview with me, which I gladly agreed to. It’s not every day that a “retired” hairstylist/blogger gets granted a Modern Salon interview!!

Here’s the full spread: Martha Hanna: “Let’s Talk Hairdresser Health”

Modern Salon magazine is one of my favorite beauty-industry publications, with all kinds of current trends, how-to’s, and the latest in industry news.  They’ve been around for years, although I can’t seem to find much on the history of the publication. Is it possible that it was formerly known as Modern Beauty Shop? VintageMBS is definitely a go-to read for me on a regular basis, and I love following them on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.  You should check them out!

Imagine my surprise when Ms. Ullman commented on my blog post and requested an interview with me!  I was nervous about it; I can’t lie.  I responded quickly, though, and we set up a time for her to give me a call.  Then I flew into panic mode, and called my friend Phranke (she’s now a marketing director for a law-firm) for advice.  I also called Jimmie, but I call her about everything, so that’s a given.  Between the two of them, I was prepared for this interview as much as anyone can be!

What makes me the happiest is the fact that I got to share with a larger audience the importance of hairdressers taking care of themselves. Working in the salon is very rewarding, lots of fun, and also extremely taxing on one’s body.  I made a lot of mistakes along the way, and I’m paying for them now that I’m in my 40’s.  I was diagnosed with scoliosis as a teen, and never really took the condition seriously until I started experiencing pain in my early 30’s…now I wish I had taken better care of myself.  I also have eczema, but would be elbow-deep in chemicals with no protective gloves on several times a day…what a mistake!  If this article can make just one young hairstylist take action to care for his/her body, it was well worth it!

This has been a very exciting start to 2016 for me, and for this blog o’ mine.  I’d be thrilled if you all would share this for me, and spread the word about my new-found fame (okay, I know that’s a stretch…)! At least go give Ms. Ullman’s article a read…she’s a very sweet lady who made me feel comfortable talking (as if I’ve ever been uncomfortable with talking) and wrote a spot-on account of what we discussed. If you really, really love me, you can “Upvote” the article.  It’s similar to clicking “like” on Facebook, but it does require you to set up an account on Modern Salon (all they want is your email).

What a pleasure this has been! I so appreciate all the love I was shown on Facebook yesterday, too, when I shared the article.  It made my day!  I got so many comments, it almost felt like it was my birthday!  Having the support of friends, family and even former clients absolutely made me want to cry a little!  I know it’s just a silly little article on, but with all of your comments and sweet words, I may as well have been on the cover of Vogue (now that’s a stretch).

X,O,X,O,    Martie