Making Summer Memories

soundspano I know everyone who reads this blog knows that I LOVE SUMMER!! I’m so excited that it’s finally here. I haven’t shared anything crafty in a while, because I can’t make myself stay inside long enough to make anything! I’m going to share what I have been up to, because I’m in a sharing mood, and it’s super slow at work today. First things first…as soon as we passed the point of having to worry about late-season freezes, I had to get my flowers on. Because of these two lovelies,photo 5 (23) I don’t even try to plant things in the ground anymore. They love to trample, eat up, and pee on all my pretty flowers! Of course, I love them anyway. I’m a container girl…that way I can have all my pretty colors without worrying about my puppies destroying them. I’m sure my regulars have figured out that I love owls, so my first pic is to show off the adorable pot that the girls and Coach got me for Mother’s Day.owlpot photo 2 (100)     photo 4 (61)   photo 3 (89) The goldfish was last year’s gift. I love color, remember? hosta photo 4 (62) Also, we went to a Nashville Sounds baseball game with Jimmie. You may have noticed my awesome panoramic header photo.  This is their last season at Greer Stadium, and I’m sure the new one will be lovely.   We’ve been pretty loyal fans for the past several years, and I’m just in love with Greer. It’s just homey…although it does reek of old beer and popcorn. I snapped several pics there in case we don’t make it back this summer, because I don’t want to forget anything about the feel there. soundspic   photo 4 (63)   photo 5 (24)   On another note, Madre’s amaryllis is out of control. I love this thing.  It’s so tall! She impresses 3 (91)   amaryllis Speaking of Madre, her house is my favorite place to be. We’ve spent quite a bit of time there already this spring and summer doing some clean-up work, and just hanging out. It’s such a refuge. There is always something to do, and there is no cell-service or wi-fi…pretty amazing, huh? Here’s a little taste of the beauty that is Madre’s place. photo 5 (25)     bigcreek     tigger     photo 3 (92)     photo 4 (64)   Do you have a place that you love to go, somewhere that makes you feel whole again?  There’s nothing like it. I do have some projects in the works, and I will share those eventually.  I know my blogging schedule has become much more sporadic, and I certainly have trouble staying on subject.  Hang with me…I hope to have a little something for everyone as time goes on.  It’s been close to a year since I started this endeavor, and it sure has been fun!  See you soon! X,O,X,O  Martie