Jimmie’s New ‘Do

As you all know by now, Jimmie is my sister. We are twenty months apart, and we are extremely close. She lives seventy miles away in The Big City, but we talk, text, and email daily. She started her blog 3 years ago, and is an extremely talented writer. If you have never read her stuff, you should. You’ll be laughing so hard you cry, crying so hard you laugh, and contemplating things you never thought you would before.

Jimmie is one of my most loyal customers. She usually has to take off work early to come to the salon and get her “hur did”, as she calls it, and she makes the drive for her highlights, haircut and eyebrow waxing. She is forever bringing me friends to work on as well, and just this past weekend I worked for a cool gal-pal of Jimmie’s who drove seven hours just for a “hur-do”.   That makes a girl feel loved!

The only downside to being my customer, for Jimmie, is that she kind of gets stylist’s choice on her hair. I’ll listen to her requests, and try to work with her on certain problem areas and what-not, but I pretty much do what I want when it comes to Jimmie’s hair. She compensates me for my product, but I’m not charging my sister for my services, for crying out loud! That just wouldn’t feel right. Also, it allows me the chance to have free will on one head of hair, if only one, out of the many that I care for.

I don’t recall very many times when Jimmie wasn’t satisfied with the outcome.  She even fell in love with some of the looks, to the point that it got harder to coerce her to change for a while.

Alas, as you know, the only constant is change. She came around, and I decided to mix it up a bit.

Jimmie's Hair "Before"

Jimmie’s Hair “Before”

photo 1 (22)

Jimmie’s been getting highlights for quite some time. I added low-lights a few times, and even threw in some vivid orange highlights once, but mostly just blonde highlights for about three or four years now. I had forced her to grow her hair out a little, and she had gotten confirmation from some other friends that it was looking good, but then it just got too long. It got hard to style, and it was getting monotonous, even for Jimmie.photo 2 (21)

I cropped the length quite a bit here, and added a little bit of graduation, but mostly in the layers. I layered the hair significantly in the back, but left the layers longer toward the front. Jimmie’s hair looks best a little longer around the face, so we usually adapt any haircut to that specific area.  She likes it a little bit disconnected, to get more volume in the crown and less in the front.

photo 3 (21)

Instead of highlighting, I decided to go in and create an ombre look by bringing her natural color out toward the mid-shaft and leaving the ends light. I used Matrix Gloss Sync for this, and covered it from root to mid-shaft, feathering it in at my stopping point, which added a depth and shine to her new-growth without altering the color much.  I did leave some scant streaks of blonde around the top so it would blend.photo 4 (11)

My vision for this style was to wear it curled with a 1-inch barrel, which I did when I styled it for her. I love the way it turned out! It looks so fun and flirty, and it’s a noticeable change.

photo 5 (4)

Jimmie has enjoyed this look, but has found that the absence of highlights in the new growth has left her with less volume.   The cool thing is, we can always change it!

Are you ready for a new look? Where do you turn to look for new hairstyle ideas?  I love Pinterest, and Google Images can be pretty awesome, too.  I search for new looks all the time, on the internet and just in the public.  I am always looking at hair;  it’s just something I notice.  And I’m always geared with a few ideas for new looks, just in case someone comes in saying they are ready for a change.  Do you buy hairstyle magazines, or search online?   Comments and questions are welcomed!

Thanks for reading, and I hope you all have a great hair day!

X,O,X,O,  Martie