Jimmie Threw ME Under the Bus!

I’ve mentioned my sister Jimmie before, right? Yeah, at least 100 times. I love Jimmie, and I admire her for so many things, not the least of which is her writing skills. She has a fabulous way with words, and can make you laugh, cry, and think like no one I’ve ever read. I’ve always been her biggest fan…until she threw me under the bus (just kidding, I’m still her biggest fan).

threw me under the bus

Jimmie and me in Vegas

Let me elaborate.  Jimmie and I are 20 months apart, and we grew up sharing a bedroom (which is now my girls’ bedroom). I had a side and she had a side. What she did on her side was her business (reading books), and what I did on my side was our business (blaring loud music via radio, cassette, or keyboard plunking). As you can imagine, it’s hard to concentrate on a good book while being subjected to jams like “Prove Your Love”, “The Final Countdown”, and “Word Up”, played in repetition at top volume. She expressed her frustration numerous times at my racket-making, but I rarely paid much attention to her whining.

I also may have mentioned that I enjoy singing and playing  guitar (without skill), although I’ve never shared my talent (without skill) with you before. I’m going out on a limb today and sharing a little taste of that with you, but there’s a catch.  Before you scroll down and watch the attached video, you must first read Jimmie’s latest blog post entitled “How Martie Learned to Sing”.  You can read it by clicking that title, which is a link to her post. It’s very important that you do that before watching the video, because first of all, my song won’t make a lick of sense to you if you don’t, and second, I want you to read Jimmie’s hilarious tale of growing up with Musical Martie. Go do that now, but don’t get wrapped up in all of her awesome posts just yet. Bookmark it so you can go back, mmkay? 

Ok, so you’re back from reading it? Do you promise you read the whole post?  Did you see all of the lovely pictures? I never dreamed Jimmie would throw me under the bus like that. I mean, seriously, I’m her sister, her darling little sister!

Ahem…yeah, Jimmie’s a saint. She now lives in her own home with two cats, an enormous book collection, and a worn-out library card. She gets to read all she wants, so don’t feel too badly for her. Plus, she really missed me when she moved away to college, and I used to make her some pretty kick-butt mix tapes. 

You may now proceed to the video of Martie’s rebuttal to how Jimmie threw ME under the bus. Not that I EVER sound like Adele, but please excuse the poor sound quality of my recording studio  kitchen, and the slight quiver to my voice, and the mistakes…you know, all the usual disclaimers made by amateur musicians who love to make a joyful noise. Oh, and one teensy little swear word. 


X,O,X,O Martie