It’s Electric! | Eliminate Static Electricity in Hair

It’s Electric! | Eliminate Static Electricity in Hair

Do you need to eliminate static electricity in hair, stat? You’ve come to the right place! I’m sharing all the tips and tricks the hair pros use to do just that!

Eliminating Static Electricity in Hair Salons

One of the top five reasons why I am ready for warmer weather is to get rid of all of this annoying static electricity! I know it has to be frustrating for everyone who is plagued by it, but as a hairstylist, it makes my job very difficult sometimes. Trying to cut hair that will not stay in your hand is nearly impossible. There is nothing I hate worse than having every hair that I cut jump onto my arms, chest and face and hang on for dear life. I just swept this mat, and look how much hair is still on there?

photo 2 (82)Gah!! The clippings grab hold of the bottoms of our shoes, and we constantly have to go outside and scrape our soles on the parking lot to get the clumps of hair off. The back lot looks like an above-ground graveyard for mice, unless we forget to scrape, in which case we distribute it nicely into our vehicle 1 (85)

Once I took my car into my mechanic for some maintenance, and I complained to him about the funky, musky smell coming from my vents. He so kindly pointed out that I have cabin air filters, and that I should get those cleaned out every so often. He found them and pulled them out while I was in earshot, and he exclaimed, “Did you run over a bunch of dogs?!?” I assured him that I hadn’t. He started laughing and told me that there was a lot of short, multi-colored hair clogging up my filters. He was a little grossed out, I think, but amazed at the same time at what he had found. I realized then that scraping off my shoes every day was a really good idea…that smell had been old, funky hair clippings that I had tracked into my vehicle over time. Ew!

Best Products for Static Electricity

I don’t know what causes static electricity, and I don’t have a scientifically curious enough mind to look it up. I know the balloon trick, but that quit impressing me in grade school. What I have figured out, though, are a few products to help us deal with it in our hair.

If static electricity is a problem for you, try this:

photo 5
This product is not “hairspray”, but it is a spray. Sexy Hair’s Smooth & Seal is a light, conditioning spray used to help protect and smooth out your hair before flat-ironing. It is also a great product to use on formal hair, because it adds shine without weakening the effects of your strong hold hairspray. It is a wonderful product for reducing static, as well. When I see that my client has a serious issue with static electricity, I spray their hair with a light mist of this and comb it through, which treats the hair and the comb, reducing the amount of flyaways during the cut. I may have to spray it a couple of times throughout the service, but it won’t leave an oily sheen or weigh the hair down, so it’s ok to do so. I love this stuff, including the smell.

I do know that static shows up when the air is dry, which is why it’s so prevalent in winter here in the Deep South. Adding moisture is an absolute must if you want to rid your hair of static electricity. Use conditioner. I know, I’ve said it before, and I know many of you don’t want to because your hair is fine or limp, but this is one surefire way to prevent static electricity before it starts. There are plenty of options for a lighter, less heavy conditioner, like this:

Pureology Colour Fanatic (21 Benefits)

Pureology Colour Fanatic
(21 Benefits)

This is a spray-in, leave-in conditioner that I adore. With my coarse hair, I condition in the shower, rinse, then spray this on before combing out my wet hair. Usually I have to go stomping into Pooh and Tigger’s bathroom and retrieve this stuff…evidently, they love it, too. If you forget to condition before you dry your hair, then mist your brush with this product and brush it through your hair. It won’t weigh you down, and it has a faint, pleasant smell.

As a last resort, you can always rub a fabric softener sheet over your hair. This trick really works, and it’s a perfectly safe option, if you don’t mind smelling spring-fresh. We love Static Guard, as 3 (6) You can spray your vehicle upholstery down with this product, your clothes, your couch, your cat…wait…maybe not your cat…and it will really help with this pesky problem. Some people like the smell, and some people hate it, so you will just have to decide for yourself.

No More Electric Avenue!

With any luck, we won’t be needing any of these products very much longer.  Heaven knows, it’s hardly dry around here in the summer. I sincerely can’t wait. I want to feel the sun soaking into my skin, and I want to feel flip-flops on my feet. Starting next week, after the time change, I will be getting out of the salon with daylight to burn each night! Whoo-hoo! It won’t be warm yet, I’m sure, but it’s a start!

I hope your day is exciting, vivacious, intriguing….but NOT electric!