Introducing the WWU: Wild Women United

I have this doodle book, and it goes everywhere I go. It’s in that big ol’ bag that I wrote about here. I have sketch pads, notebooks, pens, pencils, and even snacks in that bag, along with my new reading glasses that I purchased out of necessity. But this doodle book is where all the action happens.  Today, I’m using it for introducing the WWU to my readers, because I decided the world can handle us, if only for a blog post.

If I’m thinking about a new design for Feel Better Bags, I sketch it in The Book. If I’m thinking of a new hairstyle, I sketch it in The Book. If I’m thinking of cute baby animals, gnomes, or even just family holidays, I sketch it in The Book. It’s the ‘anything goes’ book, including allowing my kids or husband to nose through it, or sketch in it. I will be sad when I fill up The giant Book

I broke out The Book to show you this sketch.

introducing the WWU

I drew this a long time ago, after a fun outing with a group of my sweetest friends. I’m going out with them again today, to celebrate my birthday (six days late). We are, as you guessed by my crazy drawing, the WWU, which stands for Wild Women United. We’ve taken trips together (but only to casinos), enjoyed many a lunch together, and we just all have a great time. I can’t explain what these three mean to me.

In case you couldn’t tell by my rough sketch, one of our members is Madre. I’m going to risk exile from the group and share the photos that inspired that sketch while introducing the WWU.

introducing the WWU

Madre, C.E.O.

Madre is the C.E.O. of the WWU. She is the organizer, plan-maker, and just really good at being the boss. The other three of us are sort of ‘hum-hawers’, so if it weren’t for Madre we’d waste way too much time sitting around saying, “I don’t care, what do you want to do?”

This here is my good friend Jam-It.

introducing the WWU

Jam-It, R.M.

Recognize that name? I’ve mentioned her before, here, about how she jams out on the piano at church. Yes, she is the pianist. And MY WORD, is she talented. I love to hear her play, and I love to see her get after it on the upbeat songs. Because of her talents, she is the Resident Musician of the WWU. Her duties are simple: sit in the back seat, buckle up, and enjoy the ride. If introducing the WWU with a soundtrack was possible, the soundtrack would be Jam-It getting down on the piano.

This is my sweet friend, Strokes.

introducing the WWU

Strokes, R.A.

That’s what I’m going to call her, anyway. She is the Resident Artist of the WWU. Here are a few examples of how she got her name. I swiped these off of Facebook, but introducing the WWU wouldn’t be complete without showing you the original, beautiful artwork of my good friend, Eileen Moore (A.K.A. “Strokes”).

introducing the WWU

introducing the WWU

introducing the WWU

Strokes’ job is to sit in the front seat, buckle up, and enjoy the ride.

Of course you know me, Martie,

introducing the WWU

Martie, C.o.M.

and my title is Commander of The Mothership. The MiniVanWithAPlan is the Mothership, and I’m the commander. I drive. Or, sometimes Madre drives the Mothership (especially after lunch), but we almost always travel in the Mothership.

We have had some amazing times together. Sometimes we go on long trips, sometimes we go on short lunch-and-shopping excursions, and sometimes we just meet for a quick lunch. Whatever we do, it’s always filled with laughter, fun, and occasionally, margaritas. We are there for each other when the going gets tough, and for the exciting times, as well. They are my friends, and I am theirs. That is such a great feeling!

So, I can’t waste any more time on this machine (as Strokes would call it), because I have to go warm up the Mothership!  I’ve got a lunch date!

Love you ladies!

X,O,X,O, Martie