Upcycled Dressing Table | I’ll Take It Sitting Down

Upcycled Dressing Table | I’ll take it Sitting Down

I’m excited to show off my new upcycled dressing table, and I’m even more excited to have a space where I can sit down and primp for work in a relaxed, comfortable way. I was able to take a piece of furniture and use it in a completely different way than it was originally intended, and save a few bucks in the process!

What Inspired Me?

I shared some things in my first post made out of recycled boxes and scrapbook paper, remember?

This was the little jewel that sent me on a recycled-box-frenzy.

Lovely Rubbish Receptacle

Lovely Rubbish Receptacle

I created it for a reason. I needed a trash can at my new upcycled dressing table, and I was too cheap to go buy one. So I made one out of a giant cereal box from Sam’s.  Scrapbook paper, Mod Podge, some ribbon and hot glue transformed Cinnamon Toast Crunch into Too Cute For Trash. But I’m using it anyway.

why i created my new upcycled dressing table

Why, yes, I did say new upcycled dressing table!  I know you’re curious…

I had a dressing table when I was a girl. I loved having my own space for all of my makeup, tweezers, hair accessories, lotions, and smell-well (my personal made-up word for perfume). I had a great, three way makeup mirror (complete with different tints for the lighting at the turn of a dial… there was one shade that should have been called “funeral home”) and plenty of drawer space.

Then, I got married and moved into my own home. For the past 14 years, I have been standing at a bathroom counter, shared with Coach, to get painted up and coiffed. My hair is all over the bathroom, Coach is constantly dealing with my arsenal of hair products, and I am standing. I stand all day at work, and I stand all night to cook and clean, and I’m tired of standing.

Last year, we moved our old computer desk out of our bedroom and into our bonus room to set up my sewing/crafting station. The space in the bedroom never really got filled, and it got my restless mind  thinking about a dressing table….a place for all my makeup, tweezers, hair accessories, lotions, and smell-well. I thought about an updated, lighted makeup mirror, and plenty of drawer space. I thought about sitting down to apply makeup and coif hair, and how lovely that would be. I declared that I wanted a dressing table.

desk-turned-dressing table!

Coach heard my declaration, and within two days had produced a table for me to use. It was actually an old school desk, complete with teenage graffiti and some petrified “abc” gum stuck below. You can buy perfectly nice dressing tables on Amazon, and I found several that I like (this one is my fave and under $100), but this old desk is absolutely perfect for me!

Hope Jeff Likes Living Amongst My Hair Elastics

Hope Jeff Likes Living Amongst My Hair Elastics

After a good cleaning, a few coats of spray paint, and a new drawer pull, it looked like a perfectly good dressing table to me!

Drawer Pull


Dressing Table

Next, I needed a beauty supply storage solution. Amazon, here I come! This beauty storage trolley (<–click to buy!) was under $40, and since it has a metal frame, I hot-glued magnets to all of my eye shadow pallets for handy storage and attached them right to the side! This drawer unit could be used for lots of different storage needs, but to me, it’s a beauty storage trolley!

Cool Idea!

Cool Idea!

Having a dressing table gave me an excuse to use my Grandmother’s lacy things. I love that little runner and the neat Battenburg lace doily. The mirror I have is working fine for now, although I’m still looking, and I’ve added a few other touches, as well. I needed a coaster for my morning coffee, my special jewelry box that my girls gave me, and I even bought a small, lighted magnifying mirror to go along with the mirror I have on the wall.

Dressing Table

Lace Runner

finishing up the space

Now if I could just find a bigger mirror…and work on some lighting…and find the right seat… it would be perfect! I’ll share what I’ve found so far on Amazon, and have added to my wish list. If you want to go with an upcycled dressing table like I did, you’ll need a few things, too. Here’s what I found: 

upcycled dressing table

click image to buy!

Turns out they still make the awesome three way makeup mirror of my youth! Oh, how I want one! It’s also under $40 on Amazon, which is a steal. This mirror is totally in my cart! The three way mirror takes care of lighting, as well, so I can stop looking for that. The lighting adjusts for daytime, evening, home or office looks. This mirror really is perfect for putting on makeup, and it will make me feel 16 again (unless I use that ‘funeral home’ light setting).


click image to buy!

I also found a super-cool ottoman bench seat, which even serves as extra storage! I don’t want to keep using my antique dining room chair, and this stool looks so comfy and pretty. I can store all of my scarves and belts inside and keep them neatly hidden away, which is a huge bonus! It comes in a few different colors, but this brown is my favorite.

sitting on my can, while i can

Are you still standing up to make yourself presentable? Stop now! It’s not that hard to put a dressing table together that is cute and affordable.  Sure, I’d love a frilly, antique vanity table with a matching stool.  But for now, I’m content just to sit the heck down!

Don’t forget to check back on Wednesday, because I’m sharing a “how-to” makeup session from the salon!

X,O,X,O,   Martie

Update: Since we moved in November of 2014, my dressing table has a new home and a slightly new look. You can see the updated info by visiting A Tour of My Dressing Room. Yep, I have a dressing room now! 😀