Simple Wedding Updos | “I Do” Love Weddings!

Simple Wedding Updos ~ “I Do” Love Weddings!

I created some simple wedding updos for a riverside wedding recently. The beautiful girls I had to work on made my job so easy, and this day certainly did not feel like a work day! “I Do” love weddings, don’t you?

Summer is winding down here in the Deep South. It’s still hot, mind you, but fall is on the horizon. Therefore, wedding season is winding down, as well. I had a great summer of wedding work, and got to get my hands into several simple wedding updos this season!

The cake topper for me this year was an August Southern wedding at the river. I did some work at the bride’s sister’s wedding in June, and got to know the family a little better. Ten weeks later, little sis tied the knot at a beautiful spot on the water.

Summer Catastrophe

Unfortunately, I had to miss the actual wedding because of this….

Madre's Misfortune

Madre’s Misfortune

Poor Madre has had one catastrophe after another at her house, and the tree limb that created that mess obviously had no sympathy for her plight. She’s a trooper, though, and she sure is sprucing up that old home place of hers.

Simple Wedding Updos at the River

Back to the Southern wedding of the summer…I was there for the important part. I spent the morning curling, spraying, pinning, airbrushing, gluing, laughing, and looking out the window at beautiful Wheeler Lake. The ladies sipped Mimosas and told funny stories, which provided plenty of entertainment.  They also helped me by doing a lot of curling, because time was short for me to complete six formal hairstyles and two beautiful makeup faces as a one-woman show.  This is the stuff that doesn’t feel like work, folks. I love doing wedding hair!

the bride

My bride was stunning in her jewelry, and even more stunning in her gown, as I saw in this picture on Facebook, posted by Debbie Glass Wilburn.

bride and groom

Here are the close-ups of the bride, with her simple wedding updo. Loose, sweeping curls, a little volume at the crown, and some lightweight shine spray are what make up this gorgeous wedding hairstyle. To add even more to her natural beauty, I applied airbrush makeup and some thick, false lashes.

Wedding Hair

Bride Love

Bride Hairstyle

Bride Love

This beauty likes to keep it natural, and cannot stand mascara. We all had to beg, plead, borrow and steal to get her to wear those lush lashes, but she caved. I sure hope they didn’t give her trouble, but if they did, she endured beautifully.

mother of the bride

I also created simple wedding updos on several other members of the wedding party, including the mother of the bride. This mama is gorgeous, let me tell you! I airbrushed her, as well, but she could easily have gone without any makeup at all. This is one loving mother who held it together pretty well, considering her two daughters got married ten weeks apart! Here’s her gorgeous wedding hairstyle.

Mother of the Bride Hairstyle

Mother Love


Totally could pass as a sister, no kiddin’.  She was one of my beautiful makeup faces, but she preferred not to show it off on the interwebs. And,yes, she’s wearing a sweater in August!

matron of honor

Here is sister, who was one of my June brides. She just made the title “matron” by 10 short weeks! I created one more from my arsenal of simple wedding updos on this beauty, who was calm, cool and collected. This was not her first rodeo!

Bridesmaid hairstyle

Sis Love


Bridesmaid hairstyle back

Sis Love

She isn’t very matronly, is she?

river house wedding venue

The day was perfect, the drive was beautiful, and the wedding party was a blast! Just another reason I love what I do!  Who doesn’t love a good old Southern river wedding? Doing hair and makeup with a view like we had was so perfect. Having a river house wedding venue was absolutely priceless, especially since the weather was so unseasonably cool. Wish I could have been there for the main event!

If I follow my plan, I will share a craft post on Mondays, and something beauty-related on Wednesdays.  I have some fun posts planned for next week, including a makeup how-to!  I might do some sneak-ins on the weekends….ha…make a rhyme every time….poet and didn’t know it…

Thanks for stopping by!

X,O,X,O,   Martie