Are Gnomes Real? You Tell Me.

Are Gnomes Real? You Tell Me.

After you read my story today, you’ll be asking yourself this question: are gnomes real? I really do believe in gnomes, and I have some very real gnome stories to tell. It’s true. I’ve always believed that gnomes exist, and I even believe I can provide evidence of that fact. I’ll show you in just a minute, I swear.

I used to go on gnome hunts when I was a kid.  We grew up here at Big Creek with no television, so we all had to find ways to entertain ourselves.  My brothers lived to torture me (because I’m sure I was the most annoying kid sister in the world), so I spent a lot of time outside in the woods, exploring the hills that surrounded us.  I would come home and report to Madre any signs I had seen to further embed my belief that gnomes existed.  A tuft of hair, a tiny button, a little bitty swatch of fabric that must have come off of a gnome’s jacket… I proved that gnomes exist over and over again.

What I didn’t know was that my oldest brother always loved gnomes as much as I did…probably more than I did.  Our Gran (his biological Grandmother, my step-grandmother, although she never treated me differently), instilled in him a love of gnomes, and it was something the two of them shared that I was never aware of. Gran started giving him little gnome figurines years and years ago, and he has built it to a pretty good collection over the years. I used to carry on about gnomes all the time as a kid, and looking back, I bet it got on his last nerve.  That was his special thing with Gran, and here I was acting like I had a clue. If it did drive him nuts, I’ll never know.  As a matter of fact, he gave me one of the gnomes in his collection a couple of years ago.  I love my Brother Bear.

cracker gnomes

An Eat-A-Snack pilferer!

Proof of Gnomes

Ok, I’ve digressed long enough. I have evidence to lay forth! Are gnomes real? Well, just read this and then you tell me what you think.

Just think about it; why would the world need May Apple if there were no gnomes?

umbrella for gnomes

It sprouts up in Spring, the rainy season, and it makes the most perfect little umbrellas for tiny people! It’s like built-in rain and sun protection!

This must be a gnome community center.

community center for gnomes

You won’t believe this, but I found a gnome fishing hole the other day! Can’t you just picture garden gnomes fishing for tadpoles?

fishing hole for gnomes

I mean, seriously, is there any other reason why frogs would start out as little, tiny fishy-looking things?  They thrive in puddles, which are basically ponds for a gnome, right?  I mean, can you see a gnome trying to fish on the creek bank?  Even if he caught some minnows, it’d be really difficult to pull them in, especially when the current was swift!

If this tree stump is not being used as a stage for gnomes, or some kind of raised platform for gnome public speaking, then give me one good reason why there are steps growing on it?

public speaking stage for gnomes

Besides, it was really close to the community center.

where do gnomes live?

Where do gnomes live, you may ask? Some gnomes may have regular little houses, but I have to admit, they hide those well.  I’ve never seen one in the woods…yet.  I do see the gnome condos, though.

condo for gnomes

What else would all those entryways be for? I think Roll is sniffing them out now. I’ll bet it smells like cabbage in there!

Oooooh, here’s a really nice one!  It even has a parking garage underneath! I bet their pack mice love it; it looks so nice and cool.

condo for gnomes

You know, it can’t be easy to be a gnome in today’s society.  I bet it was easier to hitch a ride to town for supplies back when they could just climb into your wagon or burrow in your carriage horse’s mane.  But, I’m sure they don’t need many town supplies. They can fend for themselves much better than big people.

Oh look!  There’s a hunting gnome now!

hand carved gnomes

Are gnomes real? Do gnomes exist? With all of this astounding evidence, the answer is clear. I can’t wait for the day I finally see a real live gnome in person.

X,O,X,O,  Martie

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