How Madre Does A Hospital Stay (from Love, Jimmie)

How Madre Does a Hospital Stay ~ A Guest Post

I have a to share a “funny” with you today.  For one, I want you to read it.  It’s about Madre, Jimmie, and me, and it’s extremely entertaining.  I know it sounds awful to say that Madre being in the hospital is entertaining, but she’s back up and running like a sound, well-oiled machine.  And, truly, it was very entertaining. Her post is called “How Madre Does A Hospital Stay”, and it’s on her blog, Love, Jimmie.

Secondly, I have a zillion things to do today, and Jimmie already wrote this wonderful post, so why should I write one?

How Madre Does A Hospital Stay

So, just click that there title, sit back and prepare to laugh.

Give a shout-out to Madre in the comments, if you’d like.  I’ll make her read them!

X,O,X,O,    Martie