Hello, World!

I’m not completely new to this world, as I have migrated a WordPress.com site to this one.  I’ve been writing that one since August of 2013, and it’s been so much fun for me.  I decided (during recent ice events that kept me trapped in the house for two days…for the third time this winter…in The Deep South…) to plunge head-first into self-hosted blogging.  Here I am, World!  Still just me, goofy Martie.

I’ll point you to some of my favorite posts, in case you’re new to me.  Welcome, by the way!

Naturally, my about post.

Secondly, a personal favorite, “Weekend Sneak-In: What’s In A Name?

And lastly, my Guestbook/Hair and Makeup Gallery.



I’ve been playing around with themes all day, and decided to stick with the same ol’, same ol’.  You may have noticed that I changed my header picture.cropped-bridge11.jpg

Here’s a more recent photo.FullSizeRender (58)

And with that, I introduce you to the old, condemned, iron bridge at the foot of my driveway.

It has a marker: Constructed in 1886.  It’s just a taste of what I’ll share in the coming months of one of the most beautiful places on Earth…my home, Big Creek.  🙂

Now you’ve gotten to know me, tell me something about you!  Even if we’ve chatted dozens of times, tell me something new!

I can’t wait for new adventures!

X,O,X,O,   Martie