Halloween Face Paint Ideas for Adults and Kids!

Halloween Face Paint Ideas for Adults and Kids

If you’re looking for Halloween face paint ideas for adults and kids, you’ve come to the right place! The Biscuits love Halloween, and always have. I guess my love of this spooky holiday rubbed off on Coach and the girls. I can’t wait for the festivities this year, and I’ve already started planning! Creating fun Halloween makeup looks is probably my favorite part of the holiday.

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I was gifted with the most amazing book a few years ago. My BFF (I call her “Happy”) gave it to me because she knows how much I love makeup, and how much I love Halloween. New makeup ideas for Halloween always get me in the spirit of things, and she is just good at knowing what gets me excited! Since I was a little girl, I’ve just adored seeing scary Halloween faces, cute and creative costumes, and anything else related to All Hallow’s Eve.  The book is called Extreme Face Painting: 50 Friendly & Fiendish Step By Step Demos (<—that’s a link to score your own copy!), and I’ve nearly worn my copy out.

Halloween Face Paint Ideas for Adults

The Details

This book is super cool, guys!  It has all kinds of face painting examples, and not just for Halloween! It even has a DVD included, with face painting videos for your learning pleasure! Sadly, I’ve never taken the DVD out of its sleeve, because I was too excited to just dive right in and give these looks a try. If you love a good face painting tutorial, then I’m sure you’ll rip yours out right away and get the moving visuals…I’m just impatient! If you’re like me, then all you need to do is flip through the book and check out the awesome face painting pictures that are included. Each look has a step by step guide for creating it from the bottom up, and the details are fabulous. I can’t recommend this book enough!

face painting examples

To show you how awesome the face painting tutorial quality really is, I’m including my very own face painting examples!  My sweet Tigger was my model, and what a sweet little face for trying out some of these Halloween makeup looks! Yes, I know I promised Halloween face paint ideas for adults, but I have willing kids hanging around to create them on. These Halloween makeup looks would totally work for an adult!

Halloween Face Paint Ideas for Adults

My absolute favorite is this bad-to-the-bone pumpkin face! Isn’t she darling (in a freakish sort of way)? We had a lot of fun with this one. Tigger was such a trooper, because she is more a fan of cutesy, dainty looks versus scary Halloween faces.  She’s so cute that this wasn’t too scary on her anyway. It was super-simple to create this look using the step by step pictures in my Extreme Face Painting book.  Just follow the instructions, and you’ll be feeling like a Halloween makeup artist in no time at all!

Halloween Face Paint Ideas for Adullts

Halloween Face Paint Ideas for Adullts


Halloween Face Paint Ideas for Adullts

Tigger was such a good model that I cleaned all that orange and black off and gave her a look I knew she would love: a cool, flaming face paint eye mask! This would be amazing with a black and pink super-hero costume, and is a perfect Halloween face paint idea for adults or kids. Again, it was not difficult at all to create thanks to the thorough tutorials in the book!

Halloween Face Paint Ideas for Adullts

Halloween Face Paint Ideas for Adullts

Just so I could include photographic evidence of Halloween face paint ideas for adults, I did myself up, too.  Aw, who am I kidding? I love creating Halloween makeup looks on myself just as much as the kids!  If you have a fear of clowns, turn away now!

Halloween face paint ideas for adults


I think it’s a cute little clown face, personally. Heehee!

face paint options

I used Rubie’s Cream Makeup, which is just those regular ol’ tubes of Halloween makeup you find at any party store, to create each of these face painting examples. Halloween Face Paint Ideas for Adults

You can find it on Amazon for a decent price. Here are the links for black, red, white and yellow (you can mix the red and yellow to get orange, and red and white to get pink…that’s what I did). It’s creamy and pretty simple to work with, but it does have a tendency to crack when it’s dry. If you want your Halloween makeup looks to last all night, you might be better off trying a higher quality face paint, like this Snazaroo Face Paint Palette.

Halloween Face Paint Ideas for Adults

Snazaroo is professional face paint, so it’s not going anywhere during your party! This set has 8 full-sized paints, and has excellent reviews. It’s perfect for all of your Halloween face paint ideas for adults. I’ve used Snazaroo before, and I absolutely love it!  Either makeup you choose, you can pull off some awesome scary…and not so scary…Halloween faces and have a blast this Halloween!

But to get all the Halloween face paint ideas for adults and kids you can possibly hope for,  you gotta buy the book! 😉

X,O,X,O,   Martie