Haircuts and Head Lice? NOPE!

Haircuts and Head Lice? NOPE!

Did you know that head lice is easily spread from person to person? This is why haircuts and head lice do not mix! I’m sure many of you are saying, “well, duh, Martie”, but you’d be surprised at the large percentage of people who don’t seem to be aware of the fact that lice is “contagious”, so to speak. I know this to be true just by the number of people I have had to turn away because they came into the salon with lice or nits.

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Did you know that in most (but obviously not all) states it is illegal for a hairstylist to perform salon services on a patron who has head lice or nits?  Mine is one of them (click that link, then Cosmetology Rules, then look for “0440-2-.12 COMMUNICABLE DISEASES” if you’re just dying to see it for yourself).  That’s right, even if your stylist is halfway into your cut before he/she finds the critters, you’re soon to be politely escorted out of the salon.  I’ve seen it happen, folks.

Did you know that some people actually think that getting a haircut will get rid of their little freeloaders? Also true, as disturbing as it may sound to some of you.  I have actually had a client say to me, when I gently pointed out that her daughter had nits, “yeah, I know it, that’s why I brung her in, to get you to cut em out for me”.

Um, NO.  That’s not how this works.  If you have head lice, you aren’t getting a haircut from any professional I’ve ever met.  It wouldn’t help if you did, because you cannot get rid of head lice without the proper treatment…a haircut won’t do it. Proof, if you need it, that haircuts and head lice do not belong in the same sentence.

Haircuts and Head Lice

I feel truly sorry for anyone who has experienced the nasty little infestation of head lice, because anyone, and I do mean ANYONE, can fall prey to these little varmints.  Most over-the-counter lice treatments don’t work very well anymore, and the prescription stuff is not cheap.  It’s a horrible, awful, disgusting nuisance, and I can think of very few (if any) people I would wish it on.  If my child had lice or nits, I would absolutely never send them out into the world, to school, and certainly not to the hair salon.  Unfortunately, everyone does not feel this way, and I am hoping to bring awareness to the fact that you should



EVER go to the salon with head lice or nits.  A hair salon is full of HAIR, lots and lots of hair, and would be a virtual haven for the gnarly buggars.  It could cause an outbreak that would shut down someone’s place of business, causing people to lose income.  It’s not cool that you or your child have it, and I do wish I could help, but I simply, by law, cannot.

Home Remedies for Getting Rid of Head Lice

Honestly, home remedies for getting rid of head lice are the only kind of remedies you should consider. That’s not to say you shouldn’t get the right products to treat it, but you definitely need to treat it AT HOME. Going out in public with these pests is just putting others at risk. There are several home remedies floating around out there, but few actually work. Olive oil? Nope. Mayonnaise? Uh-uh. You need a product formulated for the treatment of head lice, something like RID head lice treatment. When used as directed (which is VERY important, for safety and effectiveness), this stuff really works.

haircuts and head lice

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If you want to prevent head lice before you have an outbreak, use a good tea tree shampoo on you or your kids a couple of times a week. This has been proven to repel those nasty fellers, and it has seemed to work for my kids. Keep in mind, THIS IS NOT A LICE TREATMENT, IT IS A PREVENTIVE MEASURE! Usually news of an infestation travels fast in our small town, so I always poured the tea tree to my girls’ heads when I heard about it. You can also just pick up some good tea tree oil and mix a few drops in with your regular shampoo, but I like the Paul Mitchell Tea Tree shampoo the best (which is what you find if you click “tea tree shampoo” up there in the beginning of this paragraph).

In Case You Were Wondering:

To all of my loyal clients:  it has been a lot of years since I have seen lice or nits in my chair, or in the salon at all.  Nothing has prompted this Sound Off! post that has happened recently, but events from back in the Green Acres days…way back, when I was a newbie, and walk-ins were my lifeblood. I’ve always kept a can of lice spray under my station, and I always will, but I still pray occasionally that I’ll never have to use it again. I have always wanted to sound off about this, in hopes that I can educate just ONE PERSON who thought it was cool to mosey on into the salon for lice treatment.

It’s not cool, man.

I’m so sorry for all the scratching, clawing, and paranoia that you are currently experiencing. It just goes with the territory! That’s one reason I left out licey pictures…no one needed visuals to go with this post!  You’re welcome. I’ve just always wanted to spread the word about haircuts and head lice, and hopefully educate the public about the reasons why you should keep those little guys at home.

haircuts and head lice

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If you still feel icky, just buy yourself some of this here Rid head lice treatment spray. I’ve kept it in the salon for years, just in case. It seems to have worked as a good luck charm!

Happy Weekend!!

X,O,X,O,  Martie