Hair Problems and Remedies to Fight Bad Hair Days

Hair Problems and Remedies to Fight Bad Hair Days

Let’s go over some common hair problems and remedies that will turn your bad hair days into GREAT hair days, without making you late!

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Hair Problems and Remedies You Need

We all have bad hair days, right? I know I do! My skin and hair are usually very dry, but occasionally my crazy hair decides to have an oily day, throwing my routine out of whack. Plus, with dryness as my life-long problem, sometimes I get an itchy scalp, or even flakes! In the summer I swim a lot in Big Creek, and often put my hair up wet…with thick hair like mine, that can cause unwanted odors that are hard to get rid of.

These hair problems and remedies will help you fight these kinds of issues, and get you out the door in no time with very happy hair. Don’t let bad hair days ruin your mojo when the fixes are easy and readily available! Take advantage of these bad hair day tricks and tips so you can have GREAT hair days, every day!

Oily Hair Hacks

Don’t you just hate it when you opt-out of shampooing because your hair looks great at night, only to wake up the next morning with a greasy-looking scalp? Maybe you got too hot in the night (it’s called night sweats, ladies), or you ate that blasted greasy pizza and it all decided to come out through your hair. These oily hair hacks will fix you right up!

Dry shampoo is an amazing remedy for oily hair. Not only does it absorb the oil, it also leaves your hair smelling fresh and clean.  I could not live without dry shampoo, and I’m going to show you my favorites. I usually don’t condone purchasing professional products anywhere but at the salon, but not all dry shampoos are easy to come by at the beauty shop. These are all available on Amazon, and I’ve tried them…so I know they’re the best products for oily hair!

Pravana Fresh Volumizing Dry Shampoo. The scent is one you either love or hate, but this dry shampoo works well! We sold a lot of this in the salon, and most people loved it. A few did complain about it causing itchiness later in the day, but the overall consensus was that it was a great product.

Sexy Hair Big Sexy Hair Volumizing Dry Shampoo. This is in my top two favorite dry shampoos. I love the smell of Sexy Hair’s products, and this one did not leave me itching and scratching! It absorbs the oil perfectly and doesn’t feel too heavy. 

Elastine Restore & Detox Dry Shampoo. The other one in my top two. This dry shampoo also smells nice, and it’s completely invisible! I LOVE THAT. It does also come in to tinted formulas, Brunette and Dark, for those of us who might need a little root touch up on occasion.  It does feel slightly heavier than the Sexy Hair dry shampoo, but not too bad, and no itching!

Baby Powder for Oily Hair

hair problems and remedies

Is oily hair plaguing you today, when you have nary a drop of dry shampoo available? I bet you have some baby powder or another kind of talc available! This is the perfect oily hair hack that everyone has sitting around. If you don’t have powder at your house, you should! It’s a great thing to keep on hand for those surprise oily hair days. Using baby powder for oily hair is perfect, especially for Moms who have little crumb-snatchers still crawling around!

hair problems and remedies

click pic to buy!

I highly recommend Anti-Monkey Butt powder (<—click to buy!) as a DIY dry shampoo. I know, it has a crazy name, but this stuff is amazing! It’s a calamine powder, so not only does it absorb oils, it also calms an itchy scalp, and definitely won’t cause itchiness. I use this stuff for lots of things, but that’s material for a separate post! There’s also the Lady version, but the powder itself is a pale pink, so I haven’t tested it yet as an oily hair hack. I don’t need my grays to turn pink!

If baby powder is your fave, of course Johnson’s is the best. Did you know it comes in several varieties? I personally love the Johnson’s Baby Powder with Aloe and Vitamin E (<–click to buy!) when it comes to using baby powder for oily hair! Both Aloe and vitamin E are wonderful for your skin and hair, so you can nourish your scalp and tresses while getting great oil control!

hair problems and remedies

You could also grab the Lavender scented Johnson’s Baby Powder, which will make you smell amazing all day! Even if you have sensitive skin, it should be ok because Lavender has soothing properties, and is actually proven to be beneficial for eczema! I should probably update mine…it’s so old, it actually says “new scent”! Ha!

If you’re using any of these powders as oily hair hacks, just shake a little into your hands and massage it into your scalp in the oiliest areas. Allow it to sit for about 30 seconds, then brush through your hair. The whiteness will disappear, along with the oily hairline! Style as usual, and you’ll be out the door in no time.

Smelly Hair Treatment

Frequent workouts, swimming, or wadding long hair up when it’s wet can cause your hair to sour, which makes it smelly…ew! Anyone with thick, long hair has experienced this at some point, I’m sure. I have a bad habit of twisting my hair into a bun when it’s wet in the summer, and sometimes it’s wet from creek water. That mildew smell is not something I need hanging around, and sometimes shampoo alone will not kill it!

hair problems and remedies

This is the time to break out the vinegar! This is a simple smelly hair treatment that is sitting right in your pantry, and it really works! It’s easiest if you pour the vinegar into a bottle with a squeeze top, so you can control where it goes.

I usually shampoo once, then squeeze at least a whole cup of vinegar onto my hair and let it sit while I take care of my shower business.  Rinse well, and shampoo again if you need to, or if you’re worried you’ll smell like pickles! Vinegar neutralizes odors, and it won’t strip or hurt your hair in the least!

Product Build-Up? Use This!

Are you seeing white flecks on your hair shaft that flake off with your fingernail, but won’t come off with shampoo? You have product buildup! Things like strong hair gels and hairspray will cling for dear life over time, and it’s hard to remove product buildup from hair with shampoo alone.

hair problems and remedies

An easy and affordable way to remove product buildup from hair is to use baking soda. Add about a tablespoon in with your blob of shampoo, mix it together with your hands, then shampoo as usual. You can let the mixture sit while you wash and shave, if the buildup is really bad. Rinse your hair well, then condition it well…baking soda does strip your hair of its natural oils, which could cause dryness. Your buildup will be gone, and your hair will be shiny and squeaky-clean!

I do not recommend this if your hair is dyed, as the baking soda may also strip your hair color! If you have product buildup, maybe try this trick a day or two before your next color appointment, but be sure to condition your hair well!

If you feel you have product build-up on your scalp, it’s a good idea to scrub your scalp with something like this:

This is the Dr. Groot Premium Scalp Cleansing brush, and it’s an amazing tool that stimulates your scalp and removes dirt and debris from your pores. This promotes a healthier scalp, which brings forth healthier hair!

If you use the products mentioned above for oily scalp, it’s a great idea to invest in a tool like this to make sure those powders and dry shampoos don’t build up in your pores!

It’s Electric! Fight Static Electricity

Winter is coming, and with colder weather comes that dreaded static electricity. It was always a challenge in the salon to deal with clients’ hair flying all over the place during a service! The low humidity causes this hair problem, but eliminating static electricity in hair is easier than you think!

One of my favorite remedies for static electricity is Sexy Hair’s Smooth and Seal. This is a shine spray with just enough moisture to kill the static, but not enough to weigh your hair down or make it greasy. You can even spray your hair brush or comb to help combat static even more!

You know what works just as well? Dryer sheets! Grab one and smooth it over your hair to put a stop to electric fly-aways. Bonus: you’ll smell like freshly washed laundry all day! Use the dryer sheet method with a light hand…you don’t want to scrub it into your hair, just lightly run the sheet over the lengths.

If you want (or need!) more tips for this hair problem, check out my post It’s Electric! Eliminating Static Electricity in Hair. I go into more detail on static electricity in that post, and share a few more products that really help!

Itchy Scalp Remedy

Another side effect of winter weather is a dry, itchy scalp. After being sure your itchiness isn’t caused by something that needs medical attention (I won’t go there), you can use this simple home remedy.

Remember Sea Breeze (<—that’s a link to buy, but it’s cheaper at Walmart!)? It’s an astringent that’s normally used for the face, but it’s also the perfect itchy scalp remedy. Any medicated astringent will do. After you shampoo and condition, dab some astringent onto your scalp with a cotton ball while your hair is still damp. The astringent will tingle, but it should stop the itch! This is also a great exfoliant, so it will probably help with flakes caused from dryness, as well.

I hope these hair problems and remedies come in handy for you, and help you to have great hair days every day. Sometimes the fix for your hair problems is right at your fingertips and you don’t even realize it! Be sure to stock up on all of these home remedies, then go forth and rock your beautiful hair!

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Have a great hair day!

X,O,X,O,   Martie