I Style Hair at Home, Too!

I Style Hair at Home, Too!

Yes, I style hair at home…I don’t just style hair at work. I do have two daughters, you know? Pooh and Tigger are pretty independent, but sometimes they want a little something different. Even though I’m not a morning person, and I do hair all day, I still treat my girls to a cute ‘do every now and then.

Do you like I how I martyred myself there? It’s a parent’s job, you know.

I know it’s Monday, and I know I’m supposed to be crafting.  But this post is about crafting cute hairstyles, so that counts, right?

Pooh and Two Stranded Twist Braids

Every now and then, Pooh likes cute hairstyles for school, although not very often. She’s a no-frills kid with beautiful, thick hair. Let’s be honest; Pooh has gobs of hair, just like her Mama. It’s gorgeous and wavy and…hot. On gym day, she likes it up. When I style hair at home, it’s usually because there’s a need. Here’s something I tried one gym day.

two stranded twist braids

I did this by creating a two strand braid, also called a “lobster tail” or “fishtail” braid. These two strand twisted braids are fun! I started at the occipital bone (the bone that protrudes slightly in the back of your gourd), and braided parallel to the ground. I kept adding hair from the top, then the bottom. When I ran out of hair at the bottom, I just pulled small strands from the outer edge of the right-hand wad of hair until the top was all in.

style hair at home
I love to do fishtail braids! I finished it by taking a strand of hair from the bottom of the ponytail and wrapping it around the elastic. I secured the ends with bobby pins, and she was ready for school.

cute hairstyles for school

style hair at home
Shockingly, it stayed in all day! Pooh gave me a thumbs-up that day in two stranded twisted braids. If you can French braid, that would work well, too. Trying different placements with your french braid styles can revive an “old” look!

tigger designs hairstyles

When it comes to cute hairstyles for school, Tigger usually designs her own, and directs me very specifically on what she wants. I think I might have a little protégé. At least when I style hair at home for Tigger, I don’t have to put much thought into it. She does that for me!

long hair pigtails

The look above is called “ponytail pigtails, but curled” (versus pigtails, which are braided). Yes, this is a blurry picture, but this child is never still. And, I realize she didn’t invent this hairstyle, but she definitely invents her own names for stuff (although Pooh coined the term for cute half up hairstyles: that’s called an “up-down”). Tiggs looks adorable with these long hair pigtails, don’t you think?

style hair at home

Snuggums has eyes; Tigger just likes to keep them buried in fur.

Meet Snuggums.  Tigger styled his ears within the first week of owning him. I’m not sure those things would come out with a blowtorch at this point. Gotta love a lovey.

style hair at home, amongst other things

I’m crazy busy right now getting ready for a big craft show!  I have about three weeks to stock a booth, so I have plenty to do.  I haven’t added anything to my Etsy shop in a couple of weeks, but I can’t stress it.  I have ideas, I just need time for execution!  I’ve been cutting, sewing, cutting some more, sewing some more, and hoping for time to do something a little more creative. This is but one reason why sparing my sacred morning time to style hair at home is rare!

But, I love getting to play around with my girls’ pretty hair, and I know there will soon come a day when they won’t want me near them long enough to do fishtail braids or cute hairstyles for school. Such is life.

Another wedding is coming your way on Wednesday, and I’m going to reveal the prizes for the big giveaway. Thanks for reading, and I hope you have a great hair day!

X,O,X,O    Martie