Button Craft Projects with Jimmie | A Guest Post

Button Craft Projects with Jimmie | A Guest Post

You’ve got to see Pooh and Tigger’s button craft projects they made with Jimmie recently, because they’re so adorable! I mean, seriously cute! Plus, they’re perfect for Valentine’s Day, and so easy to do. If you don’t have a Jimmie in your life to make these sweet canvas craft projects with your kids, I’m truly sorry. But you’ll just have to do it with them yourself!
I know everyone remembers Jimmie, my gorgeous sister, right? You know how she likes to give Coach and me a date night every so often?  And, you know how she came down and hung out with the girls so Coach and I could go away for our anniversary last month? Yeah, she’s awesome like that! This is what they did while we were away, and once again, she made it a wonderful weekend for my sweetie and me! Thanks, Jimmie!  We love you bunches!
Jimmie writes over at her own blog, Love, Jimmie (Your Favorite), but she agreed to do this awesome guest post for us today and share how these button craft projects went down. You’ll never fail to be entertained by Jimmie, and this story will not disappoint! Just so you know, the comments you’ll see in this here purple color were added by me, Martie.  Here’s Jimmie now: 

 I’m A Crafter

(Not Really)

I’m fairly certain that everyone in this readership knows who I am (Martie’s best (older) sister ever), and knows the arrangement we have regarding her children (I get them once a month and she and Coach get a date night), but what you don’t know is I am the best date night giver ever (although you should have deduced this based on the first part of this very long, Faulkner-esque run on sentence and also simply based on the fact that Martie and Coach get regular date nights at all) and that I almost always plan the coolest stuff ever for us three girls to do. (All true!)
For example, last date weekend I planned a hiking excursion with a picnic lunch in the middle of it.  (If you are into arachnids and drama queens, you can read about it here.) Valentine’s Day two years ago saw us making a massive paper banner chain that we hung all through the living, dining and kitchen rooms at Martie’s old house [you can read that one here] In the winter months, date nights mean a Wii dance party for me and the nieces and by the end of those competitions (which I never win), we are all exhausted and sweaty and feel pretty good about the pizza we ate and subsequently burned off.
Lately I’m interested in crafting with Pooh and Tigger.  I’m typically not very creative or crafty on my own, and when I am, I typically want to attempt a craft that is either way hard (meaning I will never succeed) or way easy (meaning I can succeed and not feel like a failure after trying the way hard craft).  This craft I want to feature today was way easy. I saw the idea on someone’s blog, who stole it from another blogger who saw it on Pinterest about eleventy-frillion times, so if this was your idea originally, thanks for sharing.  I’d credit you but I have no idea who you are.  Well done, though, really.  Very cute.

The girls and I made these adorable button heart crafts (Madre hearts the University of Kentucky, clearly).


 [No pics of Tigger’s!  She gave it to her teacher that week, so it’s in good hands!]
 And to make these cute canvas craft projects, you need the following:


  • A square canvas (I used a 12 x 12)
  • Some acrylic paint (I stole from Martie’s stash)
  • Painters tape (I stole from Madre)
  • A hot glue gun (I had one of my own!) [then why did you keep asking me where mine was?]
  • Buttons, one color, and far more than you think you need (from Wal-Mart, purchased over three separate trips because I was sure that THIS TIME I had purchased enough. I had not. Who knew button craft projects would require so many buttons?

Other things you need that should occur to you but probably won’t if you are anything like me are:

  • Pencil (stolen from Pooh)
  • Scissors (stolen from Madre)
  • Paper (stolen from Tigger)
Okay, now down to business.
To begin, you’ll want to mark off your canvas in even lines with the painters tape.  Try to space the tape so that you have an inch between every line and an inch to paint.  You should have six painting lines and six blank lines and it should look like this:
Then, and this is key, really smash down the painters tape.  Really smush it good.  If you don’t, the paint will bleed under the tape and your lines will not be pristine.  I won’t tell you how I know this, but you can rest assured I do.

button art designs

Your next step is to paint the blank spaces. Choose whatever color you like, but I recommend something dramatic and dark, especially if you choose a bright colored buttons.  I used gray.
Do a couple of coats.  Make sure there’s no white in your formerly blank spaces.  Let dry, and go have a snack.
Once the paint stripes are dry, remove the painter’s tape.  (If you didn’t smash down the painters tape correctly as I instructed you to do above, lament the fact that your lines are not perfect and consider throwing the canvas away.  Reject that idea because you are teaching children that not everything has to be perfect for it to be fun.)
Next, draw a heart onto the paper. You can use the old trick of folding the paper in half, drawing the half heart, and then cutting out the one side and opening to have a whole heart. Make sure it doesn’t look stupid or wonky. Place paper heart onto center of canvas and trace the outside edges of it lightly onto the canvas, so you can begin your button art designs.
Plug in your hot glue gun, and arrange the buttons of your choice in a pile in front of you (I chose yellow).  Dab some hot glue inside the heart parameters and start attaching buttons.  Keep at it until you have to run to Wal-Mart for more buttons or you fill the heart to your desired fullness of color. (When Tigger glues a button to her hand, send Pooh off to the living room for aloe and calm Tigger down with ice cream.)


Admire your button craft projects from a distance, so as not to see the fuzzy lines and all the glue under the buttons.

photo 5 (41)
Show it off to your friends and then hang it in your bathroom.  I personally like to use my button heart craft as a reminder that I am loved even when I’m not perfect.
Viola!  A craft!  And one that looks good pretty much any way you cut it.  Didn’t we do well?
Love, Jimmie
Yes, Jimmie, you guys did well!  And, once again, I loved coming home to something awesome that my girls made!  I’m not at all surprised that Madre didn’t follow instructions, but I must say, hers is my favorite!  
Madre's , made just for me! Go Cats!

Madre’s , made just for me! Go Cats!

We’ll have Jimmie for a guest post anytime, won’t we?  

Have a wonderful Monday, and I’ll see you all back on Wednesday for what’s making waves!  

X,O,X,O,   Martie