Going Back to Work | My Hairstylist Hiatus is Over!

I don’t know if anyone has been waiting on this post or not, but I’ve definitely had a hard time finding the words to explain my going back to work after a hairstylist hiatus. I’m not completely sure myself how this all happened, but I do know I am exactly where I’m supposed to be. 

If you’ve followed my blog for very long, you might remember this post. After 19 years in the beauty industry, I put away my shears and went home. That was four years ago, and I have now returned to the same salon, same station, back in March of this year. I never looked at my leaving as taking a hiatus, because I never intended to return. I really believed I was done.

You might even remember the time I was interviewed by Modern Salon (yes, after I left the industry), and I talked about health concerns for hairstylists. Just so you know, I still have the same issues (scoliosis, frequently pulled muscles, eczema), but I also know how to manage these issues and take care of myself. What seemed like insurmountable circumstances four years ago now seems like, to put it simply, life. It is what it is, and I refuse to be unhappy, even if my job hurts.

God Had other Plans

Have you ever been blindsided by a life circumstance that you never would’ve seen coming? I mean seriously…have you ever found yourself in the midst of a huge life change but you have no idea how you got there? That’s exactly what happened to me. I was just rocking along, working my little part-time IT sales job, and the next thing I know I’m back at the same salon, nestled into the same station, picking hair clippings out of my bra at night. 

going back to work

And I couldn’t be happier about it.

But how? How did this happen? It’s like there was just a blip in time and I never left, even though almost 4 years had passed. I mean, I certainly don’t have all of my clientele back, and don’t expect to. I’ve been busy, and I’m beyond thankful for the amount of business I’ve had, but I didn’t just step back into the same situation I left. I have basically had to start all over, which is hard, but definitely worth it (read: my book is not full and I would love to hear from you). I just can’t really tell you exactly how or why I ended up going back to work in the only career I’ve ever known. 

I can tell you that I missed working behind the chair, immensely, even when I was standing right in front of you telling you I didn’t. I can tell you that I craved the atmosphere of the salon every day, and I never stopped educating myself on the latest hair trends. If you had asked me if I missed doing hair, heard me tell you no, and then immediately scrolled through my Instagram feed, you’d have called me a fat liar to my face. I pored over video after video of stylists performing services on their clients, everything from up-do’s to balayage to blonding and toning, and dreamed of performing these services on my own clients. But I just kept telling myself that I made the right choice, that I was so happy I didn’t have to do that anymore, that I loved my IT sales job. I was lying to myself, too. 

Hair by Martie

Sometimes God has plans for you that are so important, so powerful, and so urgent that you just do what He’s telling you to do and you don’t question it. That’s the only explanation I have for what has transpired. He still hasn’t revealed to me why it was so urgent, but I know that He will. 

Going Back to Work

I really did like my other job, honest. I absolutely adore my former boss, and I know I’ve made forever friends in my co-workers there. I learned so much, and got to do something different for a while. I’m truly grateful for the experience. But now that I’ve left that job and come back to the career I love and am destined for, I am so much happier. I didn’t even realize how unhappy I was until the whole tornado of change was over. 

That IT sales job did require me to spend a great amount time sitting in an office alone, just me, my phone and my computer, calling people who didn’t want to hear from me. If you know me at all, you know that is not a job I’m suited for. I craved sunshine, chatter, the smell of hairspray, and laughter. I missed being with my friends all day. I missed being my own boss (I technically was in the IT job, but not realistically). I missed creativity and art and getting excited about something every day. I. Missed. Hairdressing. 

So, that’s all I’ve got. I know it’s not really an explanation, but it’s the truth…it just happened. I realize there were steps that had to be taken to get here, and I know I took those steps, but I truly don’t have an answer for how or why. I’ve been back for 8 months now, and I’m having the time of my life. 

Hair by Martie

I’ve had so many opportunities to do so many new techniques, and I love the ever-evolving beauty industry so much because of it. It’s always changing, always advancing, always growing, and always exciting. I love the trend toward blonding, and all the new technologies that help us do that with less damage. I love that the world seems to be getting on board with the value of good talent behind the chair. I love that the internet and social media have given us all new platforms for advertising our work. And, most of all, I LOVE that I’m back home again in the salon with my friends. I’m so, so thankful. 

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I look forward to hearing from you! 🙂

X,O,X,O, Martie