Gardening Day!

We are celebrating Spring, and have waited so long for gardening day here at Big Creek!  Friday was May 1, so Saturday was definitely going to be gardening day!  We bought all the flowers and veggie plants on Friday night, and couldn’t wait to plant! Touring around Home Depot’s garden center is an event I look forward to each year, and we have some local growers I love, as well. We bought our veggie plants locally!

Of course, I had to work at the salon on Saturday (which you will hear all about on Wednesday because it was PROM!). Coach realized on Friday that he needed two new tires, badly, so he had to get that taken care of on Saturday morning.  Then, we remembered that Tigger had a birthday party to go to, and we’d already bought the gift. The next thing we knew, Saturday was over!

Sunday!  Glorious Sunday….it just sounds like a better day for planting, doesn’t it?  After church and a delicious lunch (our neighbor smoked a chicken for us on Friday), we did not pass go, collect $200, or even stop to pee….we started planting!

I made my beautiful hanging baskets,

gardening day

Making a mess…



Madre and I planted Impatiens everywhere,







and Coach did a little more tilling in the garden before planting cucumbers for pickling, cucumbers for eating, zuchinni, peppers and radishes!  Madre had already poked her tomato plants in the ground, and she’s also going to plant some green beans today.

I just LOVE fresh veggies in the summer, and I can’t wait for a big ol’ tomato sandwich on ‘light’ bread with mayo and salt…I hope it runs down my arms!

This is all you get today…photos of our hard work.

Come on yummy orange bell peppers!

Come on yummy orange bell peppers!

This is how you garden on a hillside...

This is how you garden on a hillside…


gardening day

My beautiful Dahlias, with a cute little photobomber!

I hope your gardening day is just as productive, if you get to have that sort of thing!  I swear, even if I lived in the city, I’d have to find a way to at least plant tomatoes!  I’d have vines all over my fire escape, I guess…

I also hope you don’t wake up the next day feeling like you’ve been run over by a truck.  My Epsom salt bath didn’t help too much last night! Creak, groan, grunt, creak….but it was so worth it!


The garden gnome agrees!



X,O,X,O,    Martie