Easy Super Bowl Food Ideas | Broccoli Tots Recipe!

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Easy Super Bowl Food Ideas

I’m all about easy recipes, and I’m definitely game for easy Super Bowl Food ideas that I can put together in no time, including my Broccoli Tots recipe! I’m not a huge fan of football, but I love to make fun, tasty finger foods  for football games. Coach, on the other hand, loves both the football and food!

I made some delicious finger foods for the National Championship game last week and posted some pics on my Facebook page. I had several friends asking me for the recipes, so I decided it was time to dust off my blogging skills and get these ideas out!

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Finger foods for game day

At our house, finger foods are always a hit. We kind of like to nibble through the whole game, so we tend to make hors d’oeuvres a lot during football season. Not always, of course…we did have a yummy home-cooked feast several years ago in honor of one of Coach’s important games. But in recent years, nibbles are where it’s at!

These Country Ham & Cheese Biscuits pictured on the left were from the National Championship Game last week (Roll Tide!) These were so good, and are one of the most perfect easy super bowl food ideas ever! These were so easy that it doesn’t even require a recipe, and there’s a great shortcut! Grab a box of Red Lobster Cheddar Bay Biscuit Mix, make it according to the package directions, and add a handful of chopped, cooked country ham. I used my small scoop for these to make them bite-sized, and baked them for less time.

Also pictured on this platter are classic sausage balls, and my now famous Broccoli Tots…a delicious way to sneak some veggies in on your picky eaters! I had lots of requests for this broccoli tots recipe, so it’s at the bottom of this post! 😉

Another super easy Super Bowl food idea that I fixed for the game is taco cups with honey lime slaw & homemade pico. These were a huge hit! My homemade pico is just the same as my homemade blender salsa recipe, except I just dice everything instead of blending it. You could go either way for these delicious taco cups, but I like having the pico consistency with the slaw…heavenly!

For the honey lime slaw, I just chopped some cabbage, added some chopped cilantro, and whipped up an easy dressing with mayo, lime juice, honey, and a little salt and pepper. You could add purple onion, garlic…whatever you like in your slaw! Again, this isn’t really a ‘recipe’, because I don’t always measure stuff. I just throw it together until it tastes good!

I made the tortilla cups with flour tortillas. I cut out small circles, tucked them into mini-muffin tins, brushed them with some melted butter, and baked them until crisp. You could totally use some mini taco boats, and I would’ve if I’d had them!

Finger foods were fun for the National Championship game, but I’m looking forward to something different for the Super Bowl. We came up with a great idea!

 Kansas City Vs Tampa Bay Menu

We’ve decided to fix food to compliment our favorite team, which will be Kansas City in this year’s Super Bowl! (Ok, I couldn’t care less, but Coach is pulling for Kansas City.) In light of that, I’m sure there’ll be some Kansas City Barbecue involved, but I’m also looking for some other yummy ideas to add! (Are there any foods native to Tampa Bay? I’ll have to look that up…)

Aside from the barbecue, I found these little treasures that I really would like to try…have you ever heard of, or tried, Bierocks? Apparently they’re a thing in Kansas City! I found a great recipe for homemade bierocks and I think Coach would love them! He’s a huge fan of cabbage, meat, and bread, so it seems like a big win to me! If this is something you’ve tried and have a better recipe, please share it with me!

Best Football Food Ideas

These are my best football food ideas, and I hope you find something new to try for your Super Bowl meal this year! I might not know the difference between a first down and a last up, but I sure do love to score touchdowns in the kitchen with all these easy Super Bowl food ideas!

broccoli tots recipe

Let me know if you try these yummy broccoli tots and how they turned out for you! Keep in mind that the flour in this recipe is just a bit of a binder, so you could totally sub almond flour or some other low-carb product to make these keto.

I love sneaking veggies into yummy foods, especially when we’re noshing in front of the TV. It’s easy to just eat a slew of junk and nothing healthy on days like that, so my broccoli tots recipe comes in handy for tricking my family into eating something with nutritional value. HA!

Have a blast on Super Bowl Sunday!

X,O,X,O,   Martie