Deck the Hall with Paint and Flooring!

We’ve been a busy crew. Between Pooh’s band activities, a couple of craft shows for me, Pooh’s band activities, Christmas shopping, Pooh’s band activities, Tigger’s Girl Scout party (on the same night as a band activity), Pooh’s band activities, and Coach working on the house, there’s been little free time around here (and they said band season was ‘over’…hahahahahahahahahahahaha!). When we can take a breath, we’re about ready to deck the hall with paint and flooring!  Isn’t that exciting?

You may remember that I alluded to some ongoing remodeling chores in a previous post. Let’s see what Coach has been up to…

Deck the Hall with Paint and Flooring

This is our hallway today, before paint and flooring.


*please note the new, large water heater!

*please note the new, large water heater!


This is what it used to look like. old hall

hall before

Madre painted around that humongous cabinet, of course, because who could move it?  It had to be disassembled to come out of the room.  Now we get to paint (we’re going with the same white as the stairwell), which, luckily for us, includes the ceiling (please note the sarcasm in that statement), and have new flooring put down, since Coach has it all ready! Doesn’t the room look immensely larger? It actually looks like a room instead of just a walk-through!  Once we get the paint and flooring done, it will be amazing!

Master Bath Remodel

Oh, but that’s not all! Today we have a contractor coming over to examine this,


and tell us how much it’s going to cost us to do a master bath remodel. If you’re not sure what needs fixing, focus on the fact that the floor is a good inch away from the doorframe, and that the commode is actually scotched.  Have you ever heard of such? Scotching a toilet? Well, you do what you have to when the floor us un-level, I suppose. This master bath needs way more than paint and flooring! I can’t wait to get a new floor in there, not just flooring…plus a new toilet (handicapped-accessible commodes are only comfortable when you’re handicapped, apparently) and some pretty, white, bead board paneling (do you think it needs it?)




I actually love my tub, and the cute little louvered doors that hide the shelves above; it’s just a little strange to have to stand in the tub to get things out of our medicine cabinet.  It’s just another quaint little feature of this house.  The master bath remodel is something we’ve waited way too long for, and I cannot wait to get started.  Don’t worry…there will be progress updates!

But first…

Fear not; we haven’t been too busy for Christmas decorations!

Christmas tree


Christmas hearth

I still haven’t found our wreaths, but we have a few weeks left!  I just love Christmas time, and I refuse to let it pass by without enjoying it!  The celebration of Jesus Christ’s birthday is definitely my favorite time of year…I love the joy of it, the giving spirit that seems to overtake people of all walks of life, the beautiful decorations, and even the yummy treats! I’m planning to get my Christmas cards mailed out this week (along with several Etsy orders, yay!), work on the ornaments for church that I do every year, and finish up my shopping so I can maybe relax a little bit this Christmas season. I’m excited about new paint and flooring, but I’m even more excited about Christmas break!

Thank you, Lord, for all of it!

X,O,X,O,    Martie