Wooden Deck Maintenance, Before and After

Wooden Deck Maintenance, Before and After

Y’all know how I love a good before and after makeover, right? From hairstyles to home improvements, I think everyone enjoys seeing big transformations. Today I bring you evidence of our wooden deck maintenance, before and after, because I’m in love with how it turned out.  I’m also in love with the man who did the work! (Coach, of course)

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Old Decks Need Love, Too

The front deck here at Big Creek is 30 years old. It deserved a pressure clean, and a good before and after makeover! It’s a pretty spacious deck, stretching the entire depth of the house. It’s the perfect place to sit and take in the beautiful view of the creek, surrounding hills and crop lands. My family has made many wonderful memories on this old deck.

wooden deck maintenance

Like the time Madre turned 50 (which means I was 20) and Auntie Anne brought a case of champagne. The party was held on the front deck; I swiped a whole bottle of bubbly and Jimmie and I consumed it together on the back deck. That’s when I learned how champagne sneaks up on you!  I was fine sitting down, but once I stood up…whoa, Nelly! Once I finally found my way back to the front deck, the 50 & up crowd was far enough into the case that they didn’t notice my mishap…crisis averted!

I’m not sure why that was the first memory to surface, but anyway….I digress.

Coach has given the deck-full-of-memories a whole lot of TLC in the past week. The wooden deck maintenance was definitely worth it, and our deck is now our new pride and joy!

pressure clean

The Beautiful After Shots

This old wood looked amazing after the deck pressure wash, even before Coach added the deck water sealer. He is quite experienced with this type of work, and he knows the best deck cleaners to use to really make it shine. His recommendations, but not mixed together, are:

  • Mean Green Cleaner and Degreaser (<—click to buy) This product is best for a deck that has gotten slimy and covered in sludge. It breaks all of that loose so you can pressure clean it to perfection!
  • Clorox Pro Results Outdoor Cleaner (<—click to buy) The Clorox option is best for decks that are just plain dirty, like the dirt has been ground in for years.

wooden deck cleaner

deck water sealer

Sometimes the best wooden deck cleaner is just good ol’ water! It really depends on the deck and what conditions it’s been sitting under. There are all kinds of outdoor cleaning supplies out there, but these are our recommendations for your wooden deck maintenance.

Deck water sealer

Coach loves to pressure clean things. Vinyl siding, patios, decks…if it’s pressure-washable, he’ll usually do it. He confessed to me that he had been wanting to do some wooden deck maintenance since we were dating, back in the late ’90’s. We both wondered if it was too far gone, if maybe it was too old and weak to withstand pressure washing. It wasn’t. I am absolutely infatuated with this deck now!

What sealed the deal? The coat of deck water sealer he applied after the pressure clean! We used the tried and true Thompsons Water Sealer and the results are absolutely amazing!

wooden deck maintenance

It’s amazing what a good-looking husband, a pressure washer and a great deck water sealer can do! This deck pressure wash and seal job is probably my favorite Big Creek makeover to date.

thompsons water sealer

Which is your favorite Big Creek makeover? I’ll leave a few links here so you can decide.

Papa’s Shop After

Outdoor Spring Cleaning Checklist (the biggest transformation is at the very end)

Topping Off Big Creek

Is there another post with a dramatic transformation that you can remember? I’d love to hear your thoughts on your favorite projects we’ve completed since moving here.  Every little improvement brings us closer to our goal! Maybe someday we’ll figure out what our end goal actually is.  Will we ever be finished?

Speaking of which, the long-promised floor transformation really is coming soon.  Our guy has already been out and paid a visit, and hopes to start working in the next week.  Keep your fingers crossed with me, won’t you?

X,O,X,O,   Martie

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