Date Night…or 2…or 20

As parents, don’t we all look forward to date night?  I know Coach and I do, and thankfully we have my sister, Jimmie, who tries to make sure we get one every month or so.  I love having alone time with Coach, the love of my life, the man of my dreams.

On a date night a few years ago. Coach struggles with selfies. I said, "look this way"...

On a date night a few years ago. Coach struggles with selfies. I said, “look this way”…

But sometimes, kids get big enough to go on real trips without you, and then you find yourself with more than one date night in a row.  When your kids are really small and into everything and need you every second, this sounds like a dream. Multiple date nights?  Unheard of! Preposterous! Luxurious!

Even if it sounds nice, you also know that being away from your little angels for more than a day or so induces anxiety. 

Ours are leaving for THREE WEEKS. The longest we’ve ever been away from them is ONE week, and it was only one kid at a time.  This time they’re both going, and they’re going far, far, far, far away, to a whole other continent.  FOR THREE WEEKS. We’re talking, like, 20 date nights in a row. 

Aunties Anne and Susanne are taking Pooh and Tigger to Europe.  EUROPE!! FOR THREE WEEKS!

Okay, I know, I should get over it (the Aunties will be the first to tell me this).  I mean, Pooh starts high school this year, so we’re really only four years away from her being gone for a whole semester at a time, right?  And Tigger is entering junior high, so she’s right on Pooh’s heels.  Before Coach and I can blink, we’ll be empty nesters, so we might as well use this near month of date nights as a practice run.

But, dang it, I’m going to miss my kids!

Ok, I’m calming down.  The time will pass so fast, I know.  We’ll be moving all of our furniture around the house a few times to get some floor repairs done (I hope).  We will have to pick out our new flooring, and have it installed (I hope).  We’re taking a little trip of our own, and planning some surprises for the girls’ return.  And, with any luck, Coach and I will treat every single night as a date night, and enjoy each other like we did before we had kids (if we can stay up past 9).

Date Night Times 20

I decided to do a little research for ideas of things to do in the girls’ absence, and I found some pretty great date night ideas. Of course, my thoughts immediately went to The Big City, and I was pleasantly surprised to find some neat Big City date night ideas I didn’t know about here.  I’ve never heard of The Hook.  Of course, I’ve heard about the Farmer’s Market, but I’ve never been.  And I just thought that flower truck was adorable!  

date night

A past date night at the Opryland Hotel.


But what if we just want to stay close to home?  I saw some great tips for that, too!  I love this Alphabet Dating idea!  I also loved reading about how this couple had done several things on their alphabet date list! It’s just a really cute guide for finding things to do.

If we want to stay in altogether, movies are always good…making chocolate fondue would be even better!  Coach and I love The Melting Pot, but more than likely we’ll stay close to home with all we have going on.  I’m all for making it myself!  Here’s a great cheese fondue recipe, too!  While we kick back at home watching movies and eating fondue, I think this love map would be really fun. Don’t worry, I’m fully prepared for Coach to get some of these answers wrong.  Some of those questions are challenging for me, too!

date night

A date night, literally in our own back yard.


Have you been away from your kids for extended periods of time?  Did you survive?  Feel free to spam me with your own date night blog posts, ideas, or suggestions.  I want these three weeks to be as memorable for Coach and me as they are for our kids. While they tour London, climb the Eiffel tower, feast on authentic Italian fare, and cruise on a a riverboat, Coach and I can do whatever kid-free activities that strike our fancy.  Show me what you’ve got!

And, while your at it, would you say a little prayer for my girls and my Aunties?  I want them all home unscathed, with nothing but exciting stories to tell! 

Thank you, friends!

X,O,X,O,   Martie

P.S.  My blogging schedule will probably be a little sporadic over the next few weeks…don’t give up on me?  Thanks! 🙂

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