Cute Homecoming Updos | No Time? No Curling!

I spent some time last week playing around with some cute homecoming updos, because my Tigger was elected to be in the homecoming court at her middle school! I knew we’d be seriously pressed for time when it came to getting her dolled up and back to the field, so I wanted quick, easy homecoming hair that wouldn’t require any curling. Maybe these simple homecoming hairstyles will help you get out the door on time for your little darling’s homecoming debut, as well!

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Cute Homecoming Updos In A Hurry

It’s so hard to believe that Tigger is old enough to be in middle school, not to mention in the homecoming court! She was thrilled to be chosen, and was even brave enough to ask a boy to escort her. She asked the right boy! Her escort was happy to step up to the job, and his Mom was a dream when it came to coordinating their outfits and getting him to practice and the big night. It was a really wonderful, positive experience for Tigger, and I’m so glad.

One obstacle I knew we would face would be the time crunch. School dismisses at 3 pm, and they had to be at the stadium for pictures at 5, but we live 25 minutes from town! I had to come up with a cute homecoming updo that would make her happy, but that wouldn’t take an hour to complete. I knew that meant there was no time for the curling iron! Tigger has thick hair and it doesn’t hold curl well, so the heat and humidity was another factor that made me not want to spend an hour curling her hair.

There’s no curling iron required to create cute homecoming updo’s! With the right tools and a little practice, you can create easy homecoming hair in no time.

Pulled Braid Hairstyle


Have you seen the latest trend in braiding hair? It’s the pulled braid hairstyle, which is much easier than you think! You don’t have to have thick, full hair to create a thick, full braid anymore! I took advantage of this technique and created this pulled braid bun on one of our practice runs. It helps to have a product that will keep the hair smooth and to hold the pulled braid’s form, like this Keep It Together Braid Cream. (<—click to buy!) Using this product will also help hold the waves that the braids create, in case she wants to wear them the next day (it also comes with a free stackable lip gloss at the time I’m writing this!)

cute homecoming updos

I sectioned her hair into five sections, two on top and three in the back. Starting with the middle back section, I braided the hair then pulled each little loop of the braid out with my fingers, creating the illusion of a thick, full braid (I showed another example of this in Football Game Hair). I twisted that around in a bun and pinned it, then proceeded to the other back sections, using the same pulled braid technique. Each section was wrapped around the first and pinned into place.

For the top two sections, I smoothed her hair back and into a position that she liked from the front, then braided, pulled, wrapped and pinned those into the bun, as well. The first of our cute homecoming updos was born!

Braids and Twists


Although Tigger loved her pulled braid hairstyle, she decided she wanted me to add some twists with her pulled braids. I basically followed the same sectioning pattern, creating a simple bun with the middle back section. The two side back sections were woven into pulled braids, then wrapped and pinned around the bun. I twisted the front two sections and worked those into the bun, as well, making sure to place the braids and twists so that each was visible.

cute homecoming updos

Tigger’s hair looked elegant, and so pretty. The beauty of cute homecoming updos here in the Deep South is that they’re much cooler to wear…it’s mid-September, and still oh, so hot! Tigger didn’t have to worry about sweating or losing any curls to the thick humidity.

If you do want to add an extra layer of protection against the humidity, I highly recommend Sexy Hair’s Weather Proof Humidity Resistant Spray! This is the perfect finishing product for any updo that you want to create in the summer months. To add shine and a clean finish, you can use a mist of Sexy Hair’s Smooth and Seal Spray. This spray will not weigh the hair down or make it greasy…it just adds shine and frizz protection!

One more recommendation I have is to get really good bobby pins…not the crappy ones that come on the card at big box stores. I highly recommend professional pins that come in a 1-pound box, like these Diana Bobby Pins. These are the bobby pins that stylists use, and they just plain work better! Supreme by Marianna brand is also good. Make sure you buy the correct color!

cute homecoming updos

To make using bobby pins and creating these cute homecoming updos even easier, you need one of my cute bobby pin bracelets!  I started making these when I was still in the salon to help me get through hectic wedding days and prom days. It has a strong magnet sewn right inside to hold bobby pins, hair pins, or any small metal object, so you can whip through these ‘dos in no time! These magnetic bobby pin make the perfect hairstylist gift, as well. Very handy! You can find them in my Etsy shop, and I have several to choose from!

cute homecoming updos wrapped up

It just takes a little creativity to whip up cute homecoming updos in a time crunch, no curling iron required! You can definitely create easy homecoming hair without a curling iron and hours of time. For more no-curl hairstyle ideas, check out these posts, as well: Cute and Easy Summer Hairstyles With Knots and I Do Love Weddings. Of course I did curl hair for those wedding styles, but the mother of the bride and Matron of Honor styles can easily be created without curling…just cross over and pin! 

I definitely recommend that you practice your cute homecoming updos beforehand, and perfect your techniques. You’ll be glad you did on homecoming day! Even though these are simple homecoming hairstyles, it always helps to be prepared. 

X,O,X,O,   Martie