Cute Down Hairstyles | Let Your Hair Down!

Cute Down Hairstyles | Let Your Hair Down!

Who’s ready to talk about cute down hairstyles?  Cooler weather, tailgating, bonfires and sweatshirts are right around the corner!  Let your hair down this fall with these cute and easy down hairstyles and the latest fall hair trends. Bring on the fall breeze, Mother Nature!

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Fall Hair Trends

What’s new and trending in hair this fall? I’ve done my homework, and I’m seeing lots of different fall hair trends this year. I’ll just list the faves here:

  • Cute down hairstyles have definitely made the short list!  If you’re like me, you’ve worn your hair up all summer to beat the heat. Aren’t you ready to let your hair down?  There are so many easy down hairstyles that you can create yourself, which takes the sting out of Monday mornings.
  • Textured hairstyles are happening!  What does this mean for you? Easy-Peasy…think “bed-head”.  If it’s loose, wavy or messy, it’s in! I’m excited about this, and you should be, too! There are so many hair texture types out there, and these styles work on all different hair textures, whether your hair is coarse, fine, long or short.
    cute down hairstyles

    Hair and photo creds go to Larisa Love. Follow her on Instagram @larisadoll!

    Short, textured bobs are rockin’, and long, tousled waves are definitely in, as well. cute down hairstyles

  • Bangs are still in…aren’t they always?  I’m definitely digging the look of long hair and bangs, although I might not take the plunge just yet. I did last fall, and I loved the look, but struggle with hair in my face. Full bangs, side bangs, and short, choppy bangs are all making a comeback this fall, so who knows what’s in store for Martie’s mane?cute down hairstyles
  • Knots are a fashion statement! cute down hairstylesEven though I’m ready for some cute down hairstyles, there will be days when even easy down hairstyles won’t be easy enough. A simple, twisted-up knot will save the day! Of course, there’s always the half-up bun, like I showed you last week.  The best of both worlds!

All of these fall hair trends have me super excited for cooler weather, but I’m honestly the most pumped for some cute down hairstyles!

Cute Down Hairstyles

I’m going to encourage you to let your hair down. It needs to breathe! Ok, maybe I’m talking to myself…if you’ve seen me this summer, you know my hair was up in one of those aforementioned knots, but I’m already playing around with some cute down hairstyles.cute down hairstyles

Since textured hairstyles are one of the biggest fall hair trends, letting my hair down to breathe should be pretty easy.  My hair is thick, coarse, and wavy, so a little product and some scrunching is all it will take!  Cute down hairstyles don’t have to be all the way down, thank goodness, since I’m a pinner…as shown here in the lovely glow of the parking garage at the mall.  I had just gotten my face painted at the M.A.C. store…fun times!cute down hairstyles

Is your hair fine and limp? Does it hold curl about as well as a wet noodle? No worries! Curls are always in, but a little texture is just as hot. That means you can curl your fine hair, add some texture cream (here’s a great one by Sexy Hair), and just tousle it up, letting the curls relax all they want. You’ll still have some bends and waves, and a slightly messy look…I like to call it “dressy messy”.  I’ll remind you that this is my favorite curling iron for a textured look, but if you’re dealing with fine, limp hair, you’ll want to go with a smaller barrel, like this one. A 1-inch barrel (like the one linked) is as small as I would recommend for a textured hairstyle. Here’s my “dressy messy” look after using my big fat one. cute down hairstyles

You could even try sleeping on these pillow soft rollers with slightly damp hair to achieve the same effect without all the work!  Mist a little bit of this on your hair before setting, sleep like a baby, and wake up with texture for days. That is definitely an easy down hairstyle! Note: If your hair curls easily, roll it in larger sections; if it’s hard to curl, use smaller sections. 

If you prefer a straight, smooth look, you’ll still be all the rage. You might need a good flat iron like this one, which comes with everything you need for straightening without damage…to your hair or your hands! You can click this link for a little tutorial on flat ironing. A deep side part is a must for this year’s straight fall hair trends, which is easy to achieve and even easier to wear.  If you’re a part-down-the-middle girl, it might take a couple of days to train your hair to go to the side, but it can be done. And if you just flat refuse to change your middle part, go for the textured hairstyle! cute down hairstylesOr, be like me and just pin the front section back. Then you don’t have to part your hair at all!  Don’t you just love this face?  That’s my “you’re too close for a decent picture” face.  It’s also one of the few pictures of me with my hair flat-ironed, so you get the joy of seeing that sexy flared nostril look. You’re welcome.

let your hair down!

Which of these fall hair trends are you leaning towards? Are you ready for some cute down hairstyles like me, or will you just keep on keepin’ on with your up-do’s and knots?  I guess we’ll all have to let Mother Nature decide for us.  I don’t know about where you live, but these summer temps could linger on into October around here.  I might have to save my easy down hairstyles for a little later in the season, but I’ll be ready as soon as I feel the first touch of crisp, fall air!

cute down hairstyles

X,O,X,O,  Martie