Coffee Can Makeover

I haven’t done much productive work on my Etsy business in a while. I only have myself to be accountable to, so when other things take up more time, I just don’t get a lot done. The holiday season was decent for sales. I had a couple of orders, filled them easily, and I’ve been seeing this for quite a while now…photo (9)

I am excited about the big event my friend Ashley Chapman created, and I’ll give you a link to her Facebook page one more time, AOC Photography. Also, you can check out my page, A Hair In My Biscuit, to see what I’m giving away in her super-duper little shin-dig. And while you’re sailing around the internet, you can check out my Etsy shop, too! ***Update: The contest kicked off Saturday, and you can click here to enter!*** As you may remember, I’m giving away a Feel Better Bag, the extra large one that you can check out here. Be sure to enter as much as possible!

I found myself with a little time this weekend to start working on my store again, or I guess I carved out time between taking down two beds, hauling an entire bed 15 miles on a trailer, setting up two beds, vacuuming my entire house, and helping Coach heave a bed into our attic, piece by piece. I was thinking a lot about how I want to present my handmade items at the salon while I was vacuuming (I can multi-task sometimes), and I ended up making a cute sign.  I followed Jimmie’s lead and made it just like the sign she made me for my craft show, only smaller and a little more 1 (66)

photo 1 (67)

I also worked on some other decorations for my little “store”.photo 2 (64)

photo 3 (61)

I’ll share that with you soon!

Here’s a neat little idea I wanted to show 4 (40) I made this last Christmas out of one of these,

My coffee of choice for every day...we have a lot of these!

My coffee of choice for every day…we have a lot of these!

along with one for my Daddy-O. It’s so darn handy, and used up some things that would otherwise be in a landfill. What do you think? I just measured the height of the coffee container, then the circumference, and made a 1 (68) I sewed it up in a few minutes, using an ugly old tablecloth (it’s not so ugly in a small dose like this) for my fabric. Daddy-O’s was for paintbrushes, so I used white canvas fabric and told him to make sure he got lots of paint on it. It’s a neat blotter, really.

The inside is sectioned off with paper towel tubes (I just can’t bring myself to use toilet paper ones),photo 3 (63) cut to the height of the container. I staggered the heights on Daddy-O’s to accommodate different brush 3 (62)

As you can see, mine is jam-packed. I use all of this stuff so much, and I love having it all in one place.

I go through so many of these coffee containers in a year, and I hate to throw them out or even take them to recycling. They just have so many uses! I should cover all the ones I’m using, though. canMaybe I will someday.

See you soon, and don’t forget to enter the giveaway!

X, O, X, O,