Sound Off!

Let’s Take a Trip (or 3)~A Travel Journal

Travel Journal For some reason, I’m thinking a lot about travel.  Maybe it’s because my girls are roaring around the world this summer with the Aunties, or it could even be just because it’s March now, and March means the onset of Spring.  Whatever the reason, travel is on the brain. Let’s hit the road […]

Are You Tired of Christmas?

Are You Tired of Christmas? Only four days until Christmas! Yes, I still get excited about Christmas morning at 41 years of age, and I pray that I never, ever lose my Christmas spirit. In this ever-changing world, I know that many people have just gotten downright tired of Christmas, and some for good reason. […]

Thank A Veteran Tomorrow

Tomorrow is a very special day.  Veteran’s Day.  In an effort to encourage my readers to thank a veteran tomorrow, I’d like to invite you to share in a wonderful church service that was held in my little country church yesterday.  I wish you could have been there for the special music, the beautiful remembrances, and […]

The Kind of Mom I Am

The Kind of Mom I am Let me tell you a little bit about just the kind of Mom I am. I can’t even remember what kind of Mom I wanted to be before I had kids, because that was a long time ago. But, I am not ashamed to share what motherhood is really like […]

The Forbidden Language: Whinese!

Lately I’ve been speaking my own forbidden language: Whinese! I don’t speak “Whinese”.  I’ve told my children this since they were big enough to whine, and they know that whining is absolutely not the way to get what they want with me.  I have always been adamant about it, and they have learned how ineffective […]

Common Sense, NOT Common Core: A Frustrated Mom Sounds Off

Prepare for my first “political” post.  Hopefully it will be my last, but no promises. I went to sleep worried about something, and clearly I did not solve the problem in my dreams, because it’s still a problem this morning.  My problem is:  I can’t help but think our government is failing our children. What happened […]

Sound Off: Southern English

Good Friday mornin’, Y’all.  I’m gon’ Sound Off about Southern English! (Imagine that phrase spoken in true Dolly Parton fashion.  Y’all know Dolly, don’tcha?) Yeah we like that y’all and that Southern drawl and we just can’t help it but we just keep falling…. No, not for those boys ’round here, but into some horrible […]