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WOW! Rockin’ An Asymmetrical Haircut

Welcome to WOW! ~ wAvEs on WeDnEsDaY! I am bringing you a little haircut today that sort of snuck into my Guest Book/Hair and Makeup Gallery page without a story.  We can’t have that!  So today’s sweet asymmetrical haircut is finally getting the accolades it deserves! This beautiful model is my awesome stepmother, JiJi!  She’s been […]

Waves On Wednesday: Jimmie’s Back!

You’ve all met Jimmie, right?  She’s my sister, my best friend, my customer, and my blog follower!  I am her sister, her best friend, her hairstylist, and her blog follower!  It’s a cool relationship. Jimmie doesn’t really get treated like a priority customer sometimes, probably because there are two other relationship descriptions before ‘customer’, if […]

Waves On Wednesday: A Different Kind Of Hair

Normally, I am off work on Wednesdays, and I have plenty of time and motivation to bring you an awesome Waves On Wednesday Post.  This is not your typical Wednesday…I have to go to work today, and for some strange reason, that makes me not want to write about hair or anything hair related.   […]

prom planning checklist

Prom Planning Checklist for Hairstylists

Prom Planning Checklist for Hairstylists Yes, I’m still thinking about formals, and I’ve written a little prom planning checklist for hairstylists. Weddings, prom, corsages, dresses…it’s so exciting!  I’m guessing I won’t be so excited when it’s one of my girls getting asked to prom, but maybe by the time that happens I’ll have adjusted (yeah…right). […]

summertime hair

Summertime Hair

Summertime Hair The Deep South is not letting me down with its crazy weather patterns! It’s only March, the month that began with ice and snow, and now it’s feeling more and more like summer is here. I’m spending a lot more time outdoors than I am in, my toes are polished and flip-flop ready, […]

Waves On Wednesday: I Remembered Pictures!

It’s Wednesday…you know what that means, right? No, not humps, WAVES! It’s Waves On Wednesday! Can you tell I’m excited? Well I have reason to be! I remembered to TAKE PICTURES! Okay, so I only remembered twice, but seriously…have you been in a salon during the afternoon rush? Have you spent many Fridays in a […]

Waves On Wednesday: Angled Bob With Highlights

It is so frustrating that I can’t remember to do things that I really need to do, like take pictures of my work in the salon.  I would love to share more of what I do with you on a weekly basis, but I always forget to take pictures!  Vroom-Vroom, our nail tech, tries her […]

Prom Planning Checklist for the Best Prom Hairstyle

Prom Planning Checklist for the Best Prom Hairstyle Want to get the best prom hairstyle possible? I’m bringing you another prom planning checklist, but this one is for the clients (Hairstylists, I have a prom planning checklist for you, too)! Follow these tips to make sure your formal hairstyles for prom are top-notch, and to ensure […]

Waves On Wednesday: Such A Tease!

What is the South’s most renowned hairstyle? You guessed it….BIG! The bigger the better, we like to say. Of course, not everyone has naturally big hair like I do. Some folks have to work at it, using lots of great products, and a little technique called “teasing”, or technically, backcombing. You don’t have to use […]