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WOW! Wedding Makeup, Hair, Roof, Band Camp, Whew!!

Welcome to WaVeS oN wEdNeSdAy!  What a week!  This is happening: Plus, Pooh is pulling four 12-hour shifts at band camp this week.  She’s been coming in at 9 pm, sweaty and red as a tomato, with bright, shining eyes and a huge smile.  Eat, crash, wake, go again.  She is a trooper with a […]

Sweet Fade With Racing Stripes

Let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of what’s hot in men’s fashion..a rockin’, sweet fade with racing stripes! As a beauty professional, I highly recommend that you find a trained barber or stylist to create this look for you.  If you’re a barber or stylist yourself, or even in training, this post is for you. I’m […]

Wedding Makeup At Milky Way Farm

Wedding Makeup At Milky Way Farm I never thought I’d get the privilege of doing wedding makeup at Milky Way Farm, even though I’ve lived most of my life a stone’s throw from the property. *This post contains affiliate links, which means I may receive a commission if you purchase using the links I provided. […]

A Feminine Clipper Crop + Wedding Hair

A Feminine Clipper Crop + Wedding Hair I have several awesome pictures for you this week, including a very cute, feminine clipper crop and some beautiful wedding hair! More and more I see women getting haircuts with clippers, and I am diggin’ it! An Aside First, you have to listen to me whine/share in my […]

Three Cute Short Summer Hairstyles!

Three Cute Short Summer Hairstyles! I’m pumped about cute short summer hairstyles, and I have three to show off today! I love talking about what’s trending, what I’ve done in the salon lately, and all things hairy. Now that it’s summer, I’m all about short hair! Today, I’m showing off some of my own work […]

Cute and Easy Summer Hairstyles With Knots

Today’s edition is all about cute and easy summer hairstyles with knots. Yes, I said knots…not to be confused with tangles! You can create an adorable ‘do with purposefully tied knots of hair, and I’ll show you how! Summer Travels I realize it is not officially summer, but we sure haven’t wasted any opportunities to […]

Shopping For Eyeliner, Nail Polish, and Sun Essentials

I love shopping for beauty products, don’t you? Today I’m shopping for eyeliner, nail polish and sun essentials, because my clients love me and treat me to nice things! *This post contains affiliate links, which means I may receive a commission if you purchase using the links I provided. All opinions are my own.  Beauty […]

WOW! Hairdresser Health | It’s Important!

Hairdresser Health | It’s Important! Are you a hairstylist who feels overworked, sore, tired and burned out? Please know, you’re not alone. Too many of us don’t take care of ourselves in this industry. So, let’s talk about hairdresser health and why it’s important. Today’s a normal Wednesday, in that I am off work.  On […]

WOW! Prom Hair, 2015 Edition…Plus, a GIVEAWAY!

Prom Hair, 2015 Edition It’s that time of year again…the time when girls all over America are searching the web for their chosen PROM hair!  Pinterest is abuzz with activity, and the newsfeeds are full of up-do’s and curls.  As a hairstylist, prom is definitely an exciting time, as it gives us an opportunity for […]