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The Most Glittery Time of the Year

The Most Glittery Time of the Year I’m going to take you on a journey of comforting nostalgia, a tour of Christmases past. When you think about Christmas stocking stuffers and holiday-themed beauty, what comes to mind? For me and millions of others, it’s a 135-year-old company called AVON! We are quickly approaching the most […]

Hair and Makeup Gallery Update, Because Life Updates are Boring

Hair And Makeup Gallery Update I realized something recently. The chunk of time between my return to the salon and now is unaccounted for here on the blog, so I thought I’d fill you in with a little life update. You might want to grab a drink and some tissues…..nah, scratch that! Let’s do a […]

Breaking the Blogging Rules

This is my blog and I’ll do what I want. I’m developing an attitude, y’all. Not against people, necessarily, but just against what I’m supposed to do. I’m kind of burned out on “supposed to” at the moment, so I’m breaking the blogging rules and writing what I want! Take this blog, for example. It’s […]

Halloween Costume with wow

Halloween Costumes with Wow Factor! | Halloween ’19

Halloween Costumes with Wow Factor I hope you’re here because you’re looking for Halloween Costumes with Wow factor! That’s what I tend to specialize in, even though all of my Halloween looks are usually thrown together at the last minute. I’m not the kind of person who concerns myself with creating things like cuteness, sex […]

Going Back to Work | My Hairstylist Hiatus is Over!

I don’t know if anyone has been waiting on this post or not, but I’ve definitely had a hard time finding the words to explain my going back to work after a hairstylist hiatus. I’m not completely sure myself how this all happened, but I do know I am exactly where I’m supposed to be.  […]

hair problems and remedies

Hair Problems and Remedies to Fight Bad Hair Days

Hair Problems and Remedies to Fight Bad Hair Days Let’s go over some common hair problems and remedies that will turn your bad hair days into GREAT hair days, without making you late! *This post contains affiliate links, which means I may receive a commission if you purchase using the links I provided. All opinions […]

beauty gifts for teens

Beauty Gifts for Teens | Gifts Girls LOVE!

Beauty Gifts for Teens | Gifts Girls LOVE! Christmas is coming, so let’s talk beauty gifts for teens! I’m sharing all the makeup gifts girls love in this post, and planning a future post on hair care gifts. Be sure to subscribe to my newsletter so you won’t miss it! If you want to give […]

marching band hairstyles

Marching Band Hairstyles For Stylin’ Band Girls

Marching Band Hairstyles for Stylin’ Band Girls I’m a proud marching band Mom, y’all! I’m sharing my secrets today for cute marching band hairstyles that look great with shakos, or without! Having cute hair while wearing a boxy hat is not easy, but I think I’ve nailed a few looks that you’ll love.  *This post […]

cute homecoming updos

Cute Homecoming Updos | No Time? No Curling!

I spent some time last week playing around with some cute homecoming updos, because my Tigger was elected to be in the homecoming court at her middle school! I knew we’d be seriously pressed for time when it came to getting her dolled up and back to the field, so I wanted quick, easy homecoming hair […]

hairstylist appointment book

Hairstylist Appointment Book Options

Hairstylist Appointment Book Options Did you know there are scads of hairstylist appointment book options out there? I mean gobs. You can find salon appointment book software, salon scheduling apps, and even online salon scheduling sites. As a hairstylist who is a creature of habit, I always ended up with the same type of salon […]