Big Creek Farmhouse Remodel

Big Creek Progress

Good Monday morning from Big Creek!  It’s time for a little progress update on the renovation of our old country home! The newly re-framed sun room has been stuck in ‘pause’ mode for a couple of weeks now.  The bare sheetrock and naked trim has been looming over us like a cloud.  We bought the stain, […]

The Day That the Lord Has Made

This day, Monday, is just as much the day that the Lord has made as Sunday. I hear this verse (Psalms 118:24), or read it, mostly on Sundays.  I understand it coming to mind on Sundays, because it’s a day of worship for us Christians, and the Lord is in the forefront of our minds. […]

Wish List for Outdoor Living

Coach and I have a little wish list for outdoor living accessories, and we’re saving up so we can fill this list.  I hope we aren’t the only ones who do this…it is so much fun to window shop, look online, and dream about all the things that we know would just make our home perfect.  I […]

Remodeling Big Creek – There’s More!

Isn’t remodeling a joy?  At least we are getting awesome ‘before’ and ‘after’ pictures of our old country home. Yep, we are remodeling Big Creek!  I have so much to share. First of all, check this out!   That’s a far cry from the shiny, empty, cavernous dumpster I showed you before.  Remember? That’s a […]

Topping Off Big Creek|Roofing Our Old House

Roofing our old house is what’s been in the forefront of our minds since we moved here, because the current roof is just a conglomeration of layers upon layers of shingles on the original 115-year-old base. Scary. The past two weeks have been very noisy around here.  Nearly every morning, I’ve been awakened at 5:30 am […]

WOW! Wedding Makeup, Hair, Roof, Band Camp, Whew!!

Welcome to WaVeS oN wEdNeSdAy!  What a week!  This is happening: Plus, Pooh is pulling four 12-hour shifts at band camp this week.  She’s been coming in at 9 pm, sweaty and red as a tomato, with bright, shining eyes and a huge smile.  Eat, crash, wake, go again.  She is a trooper with a […]

Creekside Clean-Up | New Zip Line!

Grab a cup of coffee, because this is a good one!  Photos, stories, more photos, and more stories of our creekside clean-up… and a freakin’ ZIP LINE, y’all! Creekside Clean-Up Last Spring, when we first began discussions about moving to Big Creek, the first order of business was to do a creekside clean-up! The Park, […]

A Big Creek Vacation: Remodeling and Living Creekside

Vacation Week Has Arrived!!! As we all know, vacation week goes by twice as fast as every other week of the year, so I’m going to celebrate and make the most of every day of my vacation!  We could not have special-ordered better weather for the weekend, and we definitely used our daylight hours wisely. […]

A Big Creek Summer With Home Improvements

Summer is in full swing here at Big Creek!  I’ve gotten through my biggest wedding of the season, and I have one more week to work before my vacation starts.  Do you know what that’s got me thinking of?  My awesome Brother Bear and his family are coming to visit again this year for the […]