Busy Spring in the Salon~Color and Formal Season

Busy Spring in the Salon

It’s Spring in the salon! That means we have been busy, busy, busy, which is just the way I like it. Everyone wants a new color, cut or style when the landscape starts changing and the sun starts shining. We had such a brutally cold winter in the Deep South this year, and I think people are more than ready to freshen everything up and start a new season.

Spring in the Salon Means Hair Color!

New spring hair colors are very beautiful this year, like warm honey blondes, rich chestnut browns, and fiery reds. Tons of women love to try out new spring hair colors when the season changes, and it keeps us hopping! That’s one reason I love spring in the salon, because I live to try different hair color techniques and see the vibrant results.

spring in the salon

Hair by Martie

Spring in the salon is always a busy time for us, especially for highlights and colors. I’ve been foiling like crazy lately! A lot of people are going for more color, adding in lowlights with their highlights, or even getting brave and wanting some red thrown in the mix. Above is a cute little medley of angles on a three-color foil I did recently. I love the multi-tonal color that’s achieved when you weave in some light tones, some dark tones and some warmth, or build on existing tones to create lots of dimension.

prom at the salon

You know as a hairstylist and a makeup artist, prom at the salon is the absolute joy of  my spring. I look forward to prom time every year, and this year is no different!

spring in the salon

Hair by Martie.

spring in the salon I love creating elegant hairstyles for prom and stepping away from the norm for a bit. Of course, I got to do some airbrush makeup and eyelashes, too! Here is one of my prom makeup beauties on practice day. She loved her look, and you can see her in her gorgeous dress on the bottom right above.

spring in the salon

Makeup by Martie.

All of my prom clients were beautiful girls, and it was a joy to spruce them up for their big day!

wedding makeup in the salon

Next? Wedding season! I have an exciting wedding coming up very soon, and we had a practice day for that, too. Here is the gorgeous bride, all dolled up. I love it when I can schedule my practice wedding makeup in the salon on the day of the bachelorette party, so the bride can wear it while she’s out having fun!

spring in the salon

Makeup by Martie


spring in the salon

Scheduling it this way means she had one less thing to worry about for that event, and she could also really see how well it held up. The bachelorette party may even be harder on makeup than the wedding day itself, because the might be a little more alcohol and dancing involved! 😉spring in the salon

spring in the salon

As it turns out, she wasn’t crazy about the airbrush coverage, and she’s going to apply her makeup for the wedding herself. This is exactly why it’s important to practice wedding makeup in the salon before the actual big day! I will, however, be creating something spectacular with all of that gorgeous hair, so stay tuned for the beautiful bride in just a few short weeks!

I hope your Wednesday is bright and cheerful, and I hope mine is busy, busy, busy! Spring in the salon is definitely one of my favorite seasons. What’s your favorite time to think about a new look and visit the salon? Let me know in the comments, because I love your feedback like a blonde loves fun!

X,O,X,O,   Martie