Big Creek Bliss

Tuesday, December 23: Today was a much better day, consisting of a full day at the salon until 3:30, and tons of candy making tonight.  This post was written mostly yesterday, but our new high-speed internet isn’t always so high-speed, so getting a post together takes a while.  It’s not bad, just a little slower than we’re used to.  I’m just thankful to have it.

Monday, December 22:
As you probably gathered from all the whoopin’ and hollerin’ over my new satellite dish, we have arrived at our new home, Big Creek.  We have even had time to rid the house of all (okay, most) boxes! The stress of it all has finally caught up with me, and I had the most non-productive day of my life today. I accomplished very little, and moped around all day in a stupid funk. I decided that I wouldn’t sleep a wink tonight if I didn’t accomplish something, so I’m going to do a recap post, to catch everyone up.

Wednesday, November 26:
I went to work. Coach and some awesome, super, wonderful loved ones snagged a U-Haul and moved all of our big furniture. In one load. After that, I left work, we went to the old house, packed up a load, and took it to new house. Did this repeatedly over next seven days. Did pretty much nothing else, except sit down for an hour and a half to enjoy a beautiful Thanksgiving feast.tgive

Tuesday, December 2:
Dug 8,000,000,000 holes in the lawn of the old house, successfully reserving the topsoil and grass, searching for Pooh’s time capsule. We buried it two years ago after filling it with memorabilia of her tenth birthday. The plan was to dig it up for her on her twentieth birthday. Instead, we dug it up the day before closing on the sale of our home. We are idiots. I’m just so thankful we finally found it!

Wednesday, December 3:
Closed on the sale of our home! Yay!

Since then, we have just slowly worked our way through the boxes between working and life-in-general. Everything seems to have found a place, and we’ve begun on some more worthy projects. Like the amazing facing that Coach fixed onto our new unfinished cabinets!woody That’s tongue-and-groove walnut, which was donated by our sweet friend, B-Mack. I’m so in love with this cabinet now, because he even stained it for me,photo 4 (92) and now it has hardware! In fact, I got all new hardware!photo 5 (36)

photo 5 (35)


My cousin and his amazingly industrious wife came over for dinner the other night, and she jumped in there and helped coach do our tile backsplash! What a woman. I’ve been admiring their handiwork all day, and it’s not even grouted yet!tile

I’ve gotten into some normal routines, cooking meals,

Beer chicken and Kroger rolls.

Beer chicken and Kroger rolls.

forcing my kids to do laundry,kiddos and even put up our beautiful country Christmas tree.

some of my lights died...

some of my lights died…

I even made ornaments for church, using some of the bounty of sticks in our yard.ornys1


The girls keep asking me what I want for Christmas. I keep saying, “nothing”. Tigger just came in here and said to me, “I know what you want for Christmas. To live here.”stockings

She’s absolutely right. I already got my Christmas wish!

Merry Christmas to all! I hope you all get your wishes, too!