An Assignment That Feeds My Insatiable Curiosity

An Assignment That Feeds My Insatiable Curiosity

This post was from my days, when I was going through “Blogging 101”. I remember this fondly, and enjoyed the experience of learning and being challenged. This assignment was one of my favorites, and I had fun thinking about it. Even now, the thought of being able to ask anyone a question and know I will get a true answer still feeds my insatiable curiosity…

I am so behind on my assignments! I have been completely out of touch, because we camped at Big Creek all last week.  No wifi means no assignment!  When I was at the salon where the wifi is available, I was busy with clients and didn’t have time to even take my laptop out of the bag.  Yay for blessings! A busy week is a good week.

Now, it’s time to play catch-up! The last assignment I managed to complete was last Wednesday, in which I revamped my About page, and I may have been a day behind then.  The following day, I did comment on a few blogs, but I never got to write a post inspired by my comments.  Honestly, I don’t even remember what I commented on!  I did get my “About” widget loaded up, and I also added a “Like” button for my Facebook page, A Hair In My Biscuit. That dressed up my sidebar a little, and now I’m caught up to yesterday’s assignment…Link Love.

This Assignment Trumps That Assignment

However, I’m going to have to get creative to truly get caught up. I can only focus on one thing at a time, so linking up with others will have to wait.  Today’s assignment is to write a post inspired by today’s Daily Prompt on WordPress, and I’m going with that. The prompt is:

You’ve come into possession of one vial of truth serum. Who would you give it to (with the person’s consent, of course) — and what questions would you ask?

Wow.  I have had to think about this long and hard this morning.  I am such a naturally curious person, and I love asking questions. To know that I can guarantee true answers from anyone would be exhilarating!  There is so much I want to know! This sooo feeds my insatiable curiosity.

Would I give it to Nikki Minaj and ask if she had butt implants?

Would I give it to my husband, and ask him if he really likes my hair this long and bushy?

Maybe I could give it to James Dean, and then ask him if we could have ever had a chance at romance!

Big Creek Feeds My Insatiable Curiosity

Instead, I decided to focus on what I’ve been most curious about lately:  Big Creek, and its long, fascinating history.  So, I decided that Papa would have to be the one to receive the serum, and get then grilled.  Papa, my stepfather of 35 years, has been gone from this world for a year and half, but that’s who I would choose if I could.  Since his absence makes this all hypothetical, I guess I could choose his father, or even his grandfather, to answer my nagging question, but I would rather talk to Papa.

Do you have a place that inspires you? I definitely do. I actually have several, but this particular place can cause me to churn out more material than anything else. That place is Big Creek, our future home. I made the mistake of spending a weekend out there without my computer, and I ended up writing three blog posts with pen and paper while sitting on my screened-in porch. The material just flowed, and I couldn’t stop writing it all down.

feeds my insatiable curiosity

There’s an old logging road on the property that runs along the creek bank, which we call The Road From Hell. It’s not really a road by today’s standards, but may have once been a major thoroughfare, for all I know. The road won’t take you anywhere except to the gated entrance of one of Madre’s hay fields, and then to the bend of the creek. But if you had an imagination like mine, it could take you to places so magical and wonderful, you’d never want to come back.

do gnomes exist

On the creek-side of the road, there’s a short slope down and then nothing but green, lush foliage, until you reach the water.  It looks as though it has never been touched by human hands.  But I wonder, and have for years, if there has ever been life on that creek bank.

Do Gnomes Exist?

I would ask Papa if he had ever actually seen any gnomes in those woods, or anywhere on Big Creek. I really want to know.  I can just picture little bitty men, women and children working that rich land, building tiny houses,and even training tiny animals to help them. Brace yourself for my pencil drawing pics.

build a gnome village

An unfinished drawing of my imaginings.


pencil drawing pics

I can see it all as if it were true.

Papa, is it true?  Do they exist?

Since I can’t really score any truth serum, and I can’t really ask Papa this very important question, then I will adapt a “Field of Dreams” attitude. There is a great line of massive, aged trees right on the edge of the front yard at Big Creek, and I think I’m going to build a gnome village.  Because maybe, if I build it, they will come.

X,O,X,O Martie