A Wedding Party, And The Giveaway Details!!

This is the post that begins the voting for the giveaway…These are the prizes

Just when I thought wedding season was over, I got a call from a young woman curious about airbrush makeup for her wedding day. This sweet girl was one I knew from Coach’s basketball coaching days, and I was in disbelief that she was old enough to get married! She scheduled a practice on a day when she had evening plans, and could show off her airbrushed face to her friends.MLwed

The practice went great! She is a natural beauty who is an absolute joy to be around, and extremely easy to make up. Her skin is flawless, her smile is infectious, and her dimples are just the icing on the cake!

She scheduled with me for the wedding day, and to my happy surprise, so did two of the bridesmaids and the bride’s sweet mother! It was a really fun Saturday. It reminded me of years ago, before I had Pooh and Tigger and I worked every Saturday. I had great Saturday clients, and it made me nostalgic.photo 1 (17)

photo 2 (17)

photo 3 (16)

All of these ladies were a pleasure to work with. The two bridesmaids went for full-on glam with lush, long lashes and flawless airbrush. One chose a cute, curly side-bun up-do with a little braid, which turned out very elegant, without being too “set”. The other went with a half-up style with curls. She has gorgeous hair, and prefers to have it mostly down.photo 4 (9)

photo 1 (16)

photo 2 (16)

The gorgeous bride in the following pictures has a regular hairstylist who gave her a perfect sock bun with just the right amount of tendrils. Great job, fellow hairstylist! I finished her look with beautiful airbrush foundation, contouring and highlighting, and completed her eye makeup with a combination of Urban Decay’s Naked Pallette and a plum pallette from Victoria’s Secret. We tried a couple of different lash options, but in the end she chose to glam up her own full lashes with mascara and leave off the chance of irritation. False lashes aren’t for everyone!photo 3 (15)

photo 4 (8)

The Mother of the Bride was the last to make it in. She had been busy all morning going over some finishing touches and getting things together, and was seemingly relieved for the chance to just sit down and be pampered for a bit. We got her naturally curly hair styled and brightened her face up with some airbrush makeup, soft eye makeup and some light lip gloss.photo 4 (7)

Beautiful mother, beautiful daughter.

Beautiful mother, beautiful daughter.

And one last shot, by Jocelyn Smith Photography .    Absolutely stunning!photo (5)

I was certainly pleased with the outcome of the day, and was feeling happy for the newly married couple that evening when I kicked my feet up and saw some updates on Facebook about the wedding. The few pictures I saw were great…just candid shots, but the bride still looked like she did when she left the salon!

Ok…so here’s how the contest works. I hope. Brides, if you were featured on this blog, and you want to win the super-cute travel makeup brush set from Sephora, then get your friends to go to the post you were featured in and comment. Just the the bride’s name is sufficient, which will be a vote for that bride. Whoever gets the most votes by (tomorrow) Tuesday, October 29 at 9:00 pm, wins the brushes! Commenting on Facebook does not count…voters have to comment on the blog itself for their vote to count.  Voting on the wrong post disqualifies the vote, so if I see a comment like “Ginny!” on Kailee’s post, that won’t count for Ginny or Kailee.  You have to vote for your bride of choice on that bride’s post.

In addition, one voter will be chosen by fair means to win the fantastic eyeliner decals! I will choose a winner from anyone who comments on the wedding posts from the start of the contest until the end, so voting gets you a chance at a really cool freebie!

To help you out, I have included a link to each post here, and I have included the first names of each bride to make it easier to get your friends to vote.  Brides, spread the word on Facebook, Twitter, or whatever means necessary to get your friends and family to vote! Their votes will (drive crazy traffic to my blog) increase your chance at winning this handy travel makeup brush set, shown here in this pic of the…prizes

Mary Lindsey-comment on this post

The polls are open….good luck!  I will end the contest at 9:00 pm on Tuesday night and announce the winners in  Wednesday’s blog post!

Hope you all have a great hair day!