A Sweet Love Story, And A Wedding

I’m going to share a little history with you, a sweet love story. Then I want to showcase another one of my brides from the Spring. It’s so amazing to get to take part in other people’s love stories, and know that I had a hand in their most special of days!

Sweet Love Story

Coach and I met when we were eight years old. I was starting a new school, and he was in my class. All of my classmates had known one another since kindergarten, and we would stay together until graduation at our rural K-12 school (it has since become two schools).

We really do have a sweet love story. I noticed him right away, with his awesome, shiny bowl cut and his little Izod polo shirt. Those big, brown eyes just grabbed my soul and squeezed, right there in our second grade class.

Over the next few years, my affections for him didn’t dim. I asked him to “go with me” on more than one occasion, and he always said yes, only to dump me two or three days later. His jacket was too small for me, so wearing that little token of our love was impossible.  I think he was thankful for that.

You see, if I’m annoying now, imagine me as an eight year old with a free will like nobody’s business and a very colorful wardrobe. Imagine me with no teeth up top, front and center, and a haircut shorter than Coach’s. Furthermore, I have something akin to horse hair, so that was usually a little unruly. Imagine me, Martie, with pigtails in hair that short, or more like what you could call “whisk brooms”, and a smile that you could kick a field goal in. I was no catch, no star of a sweet love story. He was always diplomatic and sweet, but had to end things before it got a hold of his reputation.

In third grade, he surprised me by giving me a Christmas gift. It was a Smurfette necklace, and I treasured it! He just did it out of kindness, because he knew I was twitter-pated with him.

I plugged along, he plugged along, and we escaped junior high and high school without even a hug between us. He had other relationships, I had other relationships, and we both worked away at college.

Alas, I prevailed. I kept that Smurfette necklace all those years, until finally, I got my chance to wear it. We were 22, finishing up our senior year of college, and he finally saw me for the amazingly awesome person that I am. My teeth had filled in, my hair had grown longer, and I had developed a slightly better taste in attire.  He asked me out, at a party he hosted and invited me to. And I said yes, and I wore the necklace, and the rest is history.

Sweet love stories like this make me happy. I wore the Smurfette at our wedding, as my “something blue”. It’s a love story, and it’s heartwarming. And it’s mine, so that makes it really sweet! You can read Jimmie’s version here, and it goes into a little more detail, with a different point of view.  I think you’ll enjoy it!

Another Sweet Love Story

Given this history, you can imagine my joy at booking a wedding for a cute couple with a similar story! This couple also went to that same little school in the country, although they graduated a few years ahead of Coach and me. They had  other relationships, and had children, and then found each other again later when the dust had settled from those past relationships. And it’s obvious, they are crazy about each other! He loves her grandchildren as if they were his own, and her now grown children seem to adore him. They do nice things for each other, and value each other’s worth. It’s the kind of marriage that gives you hope in marriage, which I hope Coach’s and my relationship has done for someone, sometime. It’s something to aspire to, and I am so glad I got to be a part of their wedding day by dolling up the bride!

Here she is in her beautiful gown.Wedding

What a happy, sweet couple!wedding

I enjoyed styling her hair and applying her makeup so much, and hearing her stories about how they met, how they fell in love, how they had spent time together in the past and then found each other again when they needed each other most.

WeddingGreat pictures by Summer Harlow!

And let me tell you, this bride is a hard working woman! She stands on her feet sometimes seven days a week, and goes weeks without a day off. She deserved a day to get pampered, and then adored. It’s incredible to get to be a part of that! And it’s obvious, he adores her! Another sweet love story that I got to be a part of!

Coming up soon, after all of my wedding posts have been published, I will be doing a little giveaway. All the brides that I feature will be able to compete to win a cool little freebie…something awesome, I promise! I also have a little something for the readers!  The freebies are some great things I picked up at Sephora!  Keep checking in with me and reading my posts, so you can see when the contest begins. It’s going to be fun, and you’ll love the freebies!  Did I mention freebies?

X,O,X,O,   Martie