A Spring Snack Mix | Weekend In Pictures

I got a new camera!  I’m so excited I just can’t see straight. It’s actually only new to me, but it is a far cry better than my iPhone 4s camera, which is what I’ve been using. I snapped pictures all weekend with said camera, including some of my cute Spring snack mix,springsnackmix which we’ll get to later.  First, my weekend in pictures!

I Got a New Camera!

My obsession with my new camera started on Friday.  I read over the instruction manual for the camera, eyes glazing over all the while, and decided to just fidget with it until I figured out the important stuff.  I figured it would be hard to screw it up, and if I can train myself to use a Mac after using a Windows computer my whole life, surely I could figure out the features of this camera!  I did figure out most of it, and I must have taken 100 pictures on Friday alone.  Sure, lots of them got deleted, but here are the best ones.Dogwood buds




He woke up!

He woke up!

log with fungi

Coach took me for a ride so I could get more.  He’s so good to me. old barn 2

oreo cows

pretty church

It was cloudy and drizzly all day, but I thought it still made for some interesting photos.  I’m going to be going through a lot of batteries, I’m afraid!

As you may remember, my birthday was last month.  Jimmie came over and cooked me that amazing four course meal, and we had a wonderful time.  But, we needed more birthday fun, and we needed to have it with our friend Phranke, too.  Phranke actually hosted us for a sleepover on Saturday night, and we shopped until we dropped, eating like hogs at the trough the whole time.  I love going to The Big City and having everything right at your fingertips…for a day or two.  Phranke and Jimmie are like fish in water there, and they enjoy their Big City life, but I’m such a country girl.  I’d just die in all that traffic.  Thankfully, Phranke is an excellent (though animated) driver, and can navigate expertly.  She knows all the back roads, and can actually somehow reduce her car down to Big-City-Parking-Space size, then miraculously puff it back out again.  It’s a sight to behold.  We partied like it was 1999!  Actually, we groaned around some shopping centers trying on clothes that didn’t fit right, complaining with sore feet and hips, and somehow managed to keep our bladders from leaking…but we had a magnificent time!  I ate the “biggest burrito in the history of Chipotle”, to quote Phranke.  She got the quickest buzz in history from one beer, which tasted more like apple juice to me.  We ate the absolute BEST pizza and salads for supper at a place called Mafiaoza’s; you must try it if you go to The Big City (Nashville, for those of you who haven’t figured it out yet).  We even watched the biggest snore of a movie ever: Magic Mike XXL.  Okay, I managed to stay wide-a**-awake for the dancing parts, but the rest was a snooze.  Phranke made some Tazo tea that I swear was straight from Heaven, you must try it.

You know what the best part was?  Just being at Phranke’s house.  She has the softest, prettiest, very shabby-chic-est decorating style I’ve ever experienced, and I could just flop on her couch for days on end. I didn’t think I liked shabby-chic until I visited Phranke’s house back in the Fall. Just look at it!  entryway

dining room


high window


That fabulous pool-room light came from some old barn, but Phranke nursed it back to health.  Isn’t her house wonderful? Couldn’t you just snuggle up and take a nap?

We went to two of my favorite places while I was there: Trader Joe’s and World Market.  Trader Joe’s, because kettle corn.

No I didn't buy 3 bags!! I bought 4...I already ate one. heehee!

No I did NOT buy 3 bags!! I bought 4…I already ate one. heehee!

It’s the perfect combo of salty and sweet. There are tons of other things I love there, but I’ll brave the Green Hill’s traffic for the kettle corn alone. At World Market, I found the very thing that inspired my Spring Snack Mix…spring candy corn!  It’s the cutest stuff, and I had to get it, even though it’s not Brach’s.

Easter corn

Spring Snack Mix

Yes, the container is empty, because I’ve already made my spring snack mix. It all went in, too, I swear! I love love love sweet and salty treats…remember Boo Mix?  If not from that post, then from this one?  It’s just:

  • candy corn
  • raisins
  • seasonal M&M’s
  • cocktail peanuts
  • broken-up pretzel sticks

The only thing I did differently than I do at Halloween was adding golden raisins instead of regular ones, just because I thought that would fit the Spring theme a little better. Spring snack mix1

It’s really, really good.  Also the perfect combo of salty and sweet.  If you can find these cute little pastel candy corns, you should totally make this spring snack mix!

spring snack mix2

I got home Sunday around 3:00, and right after hugging and kissing my family, taking Madre some leftover pesto and Kalamata olive pizza, and distributing sussies (little surprises that you bring to your loved ones when you go away for a day or two) to the girls, I promptly crawled in the bed and slept for three hours.  The time change bit me in the butt quickly!  I got back up at 6, made supper and hung out with my sweet family until 9, at which time I went right back to sleep, no problem.  It was a truly wonderful weekend!

Thanks for experiencing my weekend with me.  I hope you can find everything you need to make yourself some sweet, salty, chocolatey Spring Snack Mix!

spring snack mix

I also hope my improved picture quality will keep you coming back for more. Take a second to leave me a comment, would ya?  Let me know what you think of my new camera, even though the operator could use some more practice.  I crave your comments like my camera craves batteries!

X,O,X,O,   Martie

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