A Spring Bride, Out Of Her Element

When I think back to the months leading up to my own wedding, I don’t remember a lot of the details. I can tell you that I only had a three month engagement, and that I was impressed by my own ability to put together a wedding in a short amount of time. We had a simple wedding at our small, country church. It wasn’t an expensive wedding, because even back then I was a frugal chick. I rented my dress, the flowers were minimal, and I had the advantage of  Daddy-O, who was  a photographer and a supplier of all things wedding related, such as invitations, serving pieces and guest books. He was able to get everything, including the essential feather pen, for cost. The reception was simple as well: cake, mints, nuts and punch. It was perfect. Some would say it was plain, or cheap, or tacky. I didn’t care, because at the end of the day, we were just as married as any other couple who takes those vows before God.

I say all of this to reveal a secret…I wish I had planned better for hair and makeup. I don’t hate my look in the pictures, because I look so young and fresh-faced. I just think I look like I did every other day of the year, except I’m wearing a wedding gown and holding a bouquet of flowers. A friend styled my hair, and she did a great job and did exactly what I asked her to do. I applied my own makeup, and I did it just like any other day. My lipstick was a little too dark for me, but it was fine otherwise. So, I don’t necessarily regret my look, I just kind of wish I would have taken it a little more seriously. What is the one day of a woman’s life that she absolutely wants to look her best? Wedding day, of course. Why didn’t I find a stylist who could create something magnificent with my hair? Why didn’t I find a makeup artist who could make me look like me, just way more beautiful? I don’t have the answers to these questions, other than to say…maybe the time crunch just didn’t allow for it. Shoulda, coulda, woulda.

When this spring bride inquired about airbrush makeup for her wedding, I was secretly hoping she would go for it. Not because she needs it… she’s a beautiful girl, inside and out, without the aid of makeup or dresses or curls. She’s very athletic, and a self-proclaimed tomboy. She can knock ’em dead in a pair of blue jeans, a t-shirt, and some shit-kickers. She can turn heads in camo and blaze orange.

See what I mean? Gorgeous. (I cropped out the gory deer parts for the faint-of-heart)

See what I mean? Gorgeous. (I cropped out the gory deer parts for the faint-of-heart)

But this day?photo 1 (3)

She was absolutely stunning. Can you just imagine this groom’s face at this moment?


This gorgeous bride had her hair done at another salon, and it was beautiful. I applied her makeup, and she was such a good victim, for someone who isn’t used to all that guss and fuss. She’s a hard-working Mom who doesn’t have time for all that nonsense!photo 2 (4)

But I truly believe she will look back on her pictures, no matter how many years have passed, and be glad that she pampered herself on her big day. She was a beautiful bride, who planned ahead and gave herself the gift of beauty professionals for her wedding day. She doesn’t need the makeup, the curls, or the dress to be gorgeous, that’s for certain, but this was her fairytale, and I’ll bet she will never regret it!

photo 3 (2)


On the other hand…I firmly believe that going over the top with hair and makeup can also be a mistake. I mean, you do want to look like you, after all. I’m thankful for the fact that I don’t look at my pictures and feel embarrassed, or wonder where all my mirrors were, or why my loved ones let me leave the house like that. And even though I did not get the elaborate up-do or the flawless face, I’m pretty sure Coach thought I was stunning, too. He sure made me feel that way…and still does!  I hope for nothing less for this sweet, beautiful bride.

Just one more wedding post before the giveaway!  I’ll see you on Monday with a neat project or two, and until then, I wish you all great hair days!