A French Toast To The Weekend

Our weekend started a little early, due to unfortunate weather conditions in much of the area on Thursday night. There were severe thunderstorms, some localized flooding, and possibly even some funnel clouds.  We got a call at 10:30 Thursday night informing us that there would be no school on Friday. So, I’m making a very cheerful French toast to the weekend, and breaking out the cast iron griddle for a nice, hot, syrupy breakfast!

What do you do on an unexpected Friday off?  Why, make French toast, of course!

French toast

And if you’re going to make French toast, you must cook some piggie sausages (also known as link sausages).  If I’m cooking a breakfast that involves syrup, piggie sausages often make an appearance.  You just gotta drag the little cuties through your syrup.

piggie sausages

Fabulous French Toast

I’ve been making my French toast the same way for years, and it’s actually The Squirt’s way.  Beat:

  • 4 eggs
  • 1/4 cup milk
  • 1/4 cup sugar
  • splash of vanilla
  • pinch of salt

I actually just eyeball all my measurements, and to feed my family of 4, I have to  double the recipe.  It always turns out perfect. My favorite way to make it is with Texas Toast, but regular ol’ “light bread” is pretty dang fantastic, too.

French toast batter

French toast heap

I thought about pranking my kids for April Fool’s Day and putting flour in my powdered sugar shaker…but I wanted to eat, too, and that would have ruined all my hard work!  I’m smart like that, and I think ahead (rarely).

I just can’t make French toast without thinking of my Sunny Florida family.  It’s The Squirt’s recipe, and the cast iron griddle I use was a Christmas gift from Daddy-O and JiJi (you need one!).  cast iron griddle

Plus, they gave me the fabulous Mexican vanilla that I added to the batter.  It’s a shame that JiJi isn’t a big fan of French toast, but not that big of a shame, since Daddy-O always makes us his famous buttermilk pancakes (sometimes with piggie sausages). I promise you that a cast iron griddle makes the best French toast, buttermilk pancakes, grilled cheese sandwiches, or anything else griddle-able that you could imagine.

I may have mentioned that Coach and I had an anniversary on Easter Sunday.  We’ve been married 17 years! We didn’t celebrate that weekend because Good Friday and Resurrection Day took precedence over a silly old anniversary, and because we can celebrate each other any time.

So, Saturday (only a week later) we dropped the girls off at Jimmie’s and had a wonderful date day and night!  It’s always fun to visit The Big City, do some shopping, some eating, and just soak up some alone time.

Coach did good this year. Calla Lilly

There’s a story behind this gift, and I’ll share it in a different post, but just know this beautiful Calla Lilly is more significant that you think.  I also scored a gorgeous bracelet with a dangly amethyst, which is not only my birthstone, but representative of 17 years of marriage.  I married so well.  No, you can’t have him, he’s mine-all-mine.

my man

We finished off the amazing weekend with a hike around Big Creek after we got back home yesterday.  I’ll share more of this later, as well, but just feast your eyes on this gorgeousness.

Big Creek view

Big Creek dock

girls skipping rocks I love where I live.

This weekend was the kind of weekend that leaves a person completely rejuvenated, relaxed, and ready to face a busy week ahead.  I absolutely loved every minute of it.  So, raise your forks for a French Toast to the weekendperfectbite

I hope yours was wonderful as ours was.

X,O,X,O,   Martie

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