A Big Creek Update and Roundup

My old country home.

My old country home.

We’ve been living in our new/old home since late November.  We call the place Big Creek, and have for as long as I can remember.   Our little farm sits right on the banks of Big Creek, one of our state’s beautiful little waterways, and my favorite swimming hole.  We are gearing up to start remodeling the old country home, and have already started some big projects outside.

The house itself, plus Madre’s little house in the back yard, are over 100 years old.  Here’s a little history:  CLICK THIS LINK.

I also have links to some of what we have done so far, HERE, and HERE.

We had some much-needed tree removal services done, which you can read about HERE and HERE.

HERE is a link telling a little about what needs to be done.

Where are we now in this process?

Well, the guys we had lined up to revamp the bathrooms had to take another job, which will take them all summer, its seems.  They recommended another guy, and we’ve yet to hear back from him after leaving a couple of messages.

Our carpet guy is on a little vacation, but hopefully will be available before too long.

Our roofer is on tap, praise Jesus, but is a little behind now.  They should start in a couple of weeks!

Remodeling is a much bigger challenge than we ever imagined, simply because it’s hard to find people who want the work!

My tree guy?  Yeah, he’s awesome.  He and his crew have already been back on site, ridding of us of some much-loved, but very dangerous, large trees.

The old sycamore behind the house is now just a lonely stump. IMG_7025This was a difficult decision, because that old tree has always been such a fixture here.   But just look at all that sunlight in our back yard!  That spot of mud hasn’t seen sunlight in many, many years.  Coach can’t wait to sow some grass seeds back here, now that the sun can do it’s thing.  Plus, if you remember this, you’ll understand why it had to go.

It feels great knowing that we are finally on our way to getting this old house dried in and beautified.  We have enjoyed nearly every second of living here, but we are all excited to think we can sit around in the house next winter without feeling like we have icicles hanging off of our noses!

The yard is all cleaned up now, but I’ll show you that in a later post.  After a couple of loud, messy days, and Madre having to go without electricity for several hours at a time, we have now completed the tree-removal process.  The old oak tree growing up through the shop porch is just going to have to behave, because we just can’t stand the thoughts of losing it.  It’s too mature to top, and it’s kinda holding the shops together.

The house looks so different without that Sycamore sticking up behind it, but I’ll get used to that, just like I did when the trees in the front disappeared.  Be sure to follow the blog via email to keep up with all of the changes, because I’ll be updating often!

I’m so glad you are joining me for this exciting adventure; turning Big Creek back into the glorious chunk of Heaven it once was.  I’ve never felt so blessed in my life!

Happy Monday!

X,O,X,O,  Martie