up-cycled salon capes

Up-Cycled Salon Capes

Do you ever think about how many things get thrown into landfills each year?  Not just common garbage (food scraps, paper towels, water bottles), but bigger stuff (household items, furniture, shower curtains) gets tossed on a daily basis.  It got me thinking…what if I made something new for hard-working hairdressers out of all that old […]

Hallway Decor

I don’t know what took me so long, but I finally completed my hallway decor!  It’s been months since we revamped our hallway space, removing a huge, cumbersome piece of furniture and changing the paint.  You can read about that here and here. Once we got that change complete, the hallway became the collect-all.  I […]

Unique Business Gear

Welcome to Friday Etsy Favorites!  This week’s finds are all about unique business gear, and I have found some super-cool things to share today!  Whether you’re an online entrepreneur, a boutique owner, or a craft show hopper, there’ll be something here to help take your business to the next level! Friday Etsy Favorites is a […]